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News & Announcements

Read the latest TERA news and announcements.

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Back-to-School Blowout Sale!

Server Status

Read updates about server status and upcoming maintenance.

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8/20/15: Maintenance 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. PDT for Storm Season!

Rules & Guidelines

Learn forum policies and related information.

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Official TERA Forums Rules

Gameplay Discussions

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General Discussion

Discuss topics related to TERA.

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New Nexus

Player Guides

Helpful hints from other players.

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Guide to picking the right guild/server

Player vs. Environment

Discuss Player-versus-Environment gameplay in TERA.

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SF crab tanking

Player vs. Player

Discuss player-versus-player gameplay in TERA.

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hardest class/race to kill in pvp?

Crafting & Enchanting

Discuss TERA's crafting here.

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Cant finish Weaponmaster- no more Empyrspades!!!


Discuss TERA's seven races.

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Super Cool Show Off Your Characters Thread Or Whatever


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Newcomers to the community can present themselves here.

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Ohai o/

Newcomer Discussion

New to TERA? Ask your questions about the game here.

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finding guilds for new players?

Events from Community

Advertise your community events here.

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[MT] 1v1 Tournament: MONDAYS 9PM EST / 6PM PST

Art & Media

Publish and discuss official and fan-made TERA art.

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Guild Advertisement & Recruitment

Find your guild or recruit for guild members here.

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[MT] PVE Guild -Carried- Recruiting!


Discuss roleplay in TERA.

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Family RP on [Celestial Hills]?


Discuss TERA in your native language.

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Informationen für neue Deutsche Spieler


Discuss TERA fansites.

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great community ideas


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Ascension Valley


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65 Lancer LF Guild!

Celestial Hills

Roleplay PvE

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CH Name Trade Thread



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Who has the biggest ego on the server? PvE or PvP

Lake of Tears


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LoT Name Trade Thread

Mount Tyrannas


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HI is it Friendly in here?

Tempest Reach


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Hello All

Valley of Titans


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LF Guild - old endgame player (founder+eventually elite if its of any1s interest)


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Classes in TERA

Discuss TERA's ten classes.

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About slayers and warriors


Discuss TERA's archer class here.

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do we pick stats for archer classes?


Discuss TERA's berserker class here.

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Castanic Zerk VS Elin Zerk


Discuss TERA's gunner class here.

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Jhazy's Guide for Gunner DPS


Discuss TERA's lancer class here.

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Discuss TERA's mystic class here.

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Just a Suggestion for Thralls


Discuss TERA's priest class here.

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Mystics ahead of priests?


Discuss TERA's reaper class here.

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Shadow Burst


Discuss TERA's slayer class here.

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I feel like I'm doing something wrong


Discuss TERA's sorcerer class here.

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Eluseum's PvE Sorc Guide


Discuss TERA's warrior class here.

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Warrior scythe dmg not hitting as expected ?

Suggestions & Feedback

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Suggestions on TERA

Offer constructive feedback on TERA.

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Please do something about profession materials.

Website & Forums Suggestions

Offer feedback about the official TERA website and forums.

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Suggestion: Email Notifications

Bug Report

Found a bug? Report it here.

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GAME BUG. Death by minions during cut scene

Need Help?

Please contact our Support Team for technical help.

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Questions? Need Help?

Off Topic

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Discuss topics unrelated to TERA.

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I need help about Dx12.