Hello every one! its time to step up and make this Community more active!

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Dear Ascension Vally Community,
I am pleased to inform you all that a Raidcall has been set up for our server. The purpose of this is to get the Ascension Vally Community Active with one another;Furthermore most of us can relate to having trouble finding Raid's,Alliance Bam killing group's, Corsair's Stronghold groups and ect because there is not enough people on in your guild at the time's that you can run these fun things.
The second purpose of this Raid-call is to allow guilds to interact with each other in a friendly matter. Finally, This Raid-call is for everyone from any guild in Ascension Vally Server meaning we do not play favoritism towards any guild meaning no arguments; Furthermore, I will not tolerate this behavior from my fellow guildies.

Raid-call info ID:8114004 name Ascension Vally Server

Now in order to make this a fun,friendly raid-call that all guilds can enjoy, there has to be some rules that every one needs to abide by when in this Raid-call. They will be put into the description of the raid-call
that way they are easy to refer back to when needed.

Thank you all for your time and your patience for reading this long message and hope to hear some good feedback or join the raid-call server and talk!

Sir Fluffy Raccoon.
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What's the program you're hoping we'll use? Used Skype just for 1-on-1 and total noob to raidchat stuff.

As for the rules, well, wouldn't this one be simple enough? "Have fun with your raid buddies!"

I mean, anything rude or annoying would be a rule violation. Sex talk, trolling, cussing another player, and whatever else you can think of. At least, that's how the rule thing looks to me now.

Also--kind of unrelated--nice job hitting level 60 within a month!
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Its called Raid-Call and thank you

I am just tired of people not wanting to do things aka branching out and trying to reach a community that wants to run raids ect
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I don't think this idea will work
I personally don't like raid call but that's w/e
people get angry enough at each other in global
most player do no have a microphone
players who do usually have a guild with a voice chat server who they are very familiar with and rather talk to than randoms
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Sorry about that, when I wrote this post I was striving for more people to become active in the community. I deeply apologize for this post I probable shouldn't of tried this.
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Well, I don't think you have anything to apologize, Sir Fluffy. It always warms my heart to see people wanting to become more active and positive in the community, so I applaud your efforts. Playing a game is always more fun with friends, so good luck! :)
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Good idea but...

Have you read global chat on our server? do you really want to hear people talk like that?
unfortunately it just wont work :/
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SirFluffyRaccoon on 03/03/2014, 09:30 PM - view
Sorry about that, when I wrote this post I was striving for more people to become active in the community. I deeply apologize for this post I probable shouldn't of tried this.

You shouldn't apologize for trying to get the community for involved with each other. These types of games are definitely much more fun when you play with friends vs playing alone. I think it was a wonderful idea, but the main problem is that most people tend to stick to their own guild's RC or TS or other program when they are looking to run things, or just spam LFG chat.
You could try to convert this RC into a general channel for people who are new to Tera or leveling. Give people who haven't joined a guild yet a chance to find others to queue with, and maybe they'll find or make a guild of their own where they can fit in. You don't have to give up on this whole RC idea, maybe just revise it a bit ^^