Zerk vs Warrior end game PvE

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Hey all, just recently got back into the game after it went f2p and i gotta say im loving everything they have done with the game. Just recently got my warrior to lvl 60 and got him all the agnitor gear and a +9 abyss weapon. My zerker which is also level 60 is in full t12/13 from a year ago when i first started playing.

I love the warrior rotation and everything its a very fun class but ive been doing some research and feel like a zerker is better for end game. Now i am not very update with the zerk but is the rotation still just TS, Flatten, and Cyclone or have they done anything in the last year to add a little more? And also what is your guys' opinion on warrior and zerk engame? I can easily gear up my zerk to where my warrior is but i am mainly just wondering how far ahead zerk dps is versus the warriors and which one is better for endgame?

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I'm in the same boat as you, I have a 60 zerker and an upcoming 60 warrior. Both game plays are extremely opposite, zerker is extremely slow and warrior is extremely mobile.

From a DPS perspective, Zerk > Warrior if both given the same gear, same setup and both on free DPS.

Warriors are incredibly flexible though. If you need to tank, defensive stance. DPS, assault stance. Stuns are good, debuffs are good. Not to mention taking advantage of a true action playstyle.

Zerker's are good, just not quite as fun, in my opinion.
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Yeah i definately agree with that warriors are fun, but ive been watching some zerk pve videos and there damage doesnt seem all that impressive especially when they arent critting, and they seem to not crit very often...
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You may be watching the wrong videos =P

The ones I've seen have zerkers consistently critting in the high hundred thousands. Provided, that's fully setup (Mystic crit buff, full power setup).

I agree though, my zerk doesn't crit much when I'm soloing, which is extremely annoying. Charging up for every skill only to land a measly white damage. But when I crit, oh boy. That's basically a zerk.

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Personally I say do both. I mean, yeah it's a little extra work gearing 2 characters but it's fun. I play my Zerker for DPS, my Warrior for Tanking, Priest for healing... I have 3 characters geared enough to do thre three rolls. It's really nice to be able to fit into whatever people need.

On the matter for Zerker damage, they do really high crits, and white damage isn't bad either. I use just a +12 Abyss axe and on the 20m Kelsaik can get 2m in a TS+VB combo, and there are people that can hit 2m in a SINGLE hit on Zerker.

Zerker gear is the gear that scales best with more attack, even the slightest increase in attack is noticable.
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I'd say zerker is better dps in short time periods, but a warrior can sustain dps a LOT better. On fights like mchm, a warrior has way more dps uptime than a zerker does. So on the more difficult fights, its even. An example, in MCHM, during the donut, most zerkers let their charge attack go early, spin their camera, then lethalstrike out (as its the safest and most consistant). Warriors will stay in and dps to the last second and use an attack instead of a dodge. So a warrior will stay in, continue to dps long after the zerker left, then backstab or death from above, and get straight back into their rotation with minimal dps downtime. Thats just an example.

Now look at another fight, like KN10-20 man dungeons. Those a zerker can have full uptime on, and when you factor in block canceling, we do FAR more dps than a warrior could ever hope to do.

Zerkers are the highest dps because of things like animation block cancelling. The only other class that can match us are sorcs as long as they spam divine infusions, then its pretty equal.
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It really depends on the fight. Warriors also heavily rely on master glyphs from SG to really start dishing out proper damage.
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Dunsford on 05/24/2013, 11:41 PM - view
Now look at another fight, like KN10-20 man dungeons. Those a zerker can have full uptime on, and when you factor in block canceling, we do FAR more dps than a warrior could ever hope to do.

For KN20 you really need both, if you have two warriors, the DPS of the Zerkers is gonna be greatly increased because of the warriors debuffs. Plus if you have to warriors working together to pull off reaping and scythes timed well togther, they can do a lot of damage.

But yeah, both are viable for everything.