Auto Attack Glitch

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I've had a few friends who have also experienced the bug but I seem to be getting this daily at this point. Seems randomly in a battleground my character will start to auto attack. Usually while I am running forward. Only way to stop it is to press escape twice then it will usually happen later in the fight. I have had this also occur with my map popping up as well.

I'm trying to test if it occurs after I alt tab out of the game, but if that is the case that shouldn't trigger a random auto attack spam. I've googled and people with the same problem complain about a controller, but I do not own a controller, just using keyboard and mouse.
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We have been trying to track down this bug for a while now. For that I apologize. I wish I could tell you we have a resolution for it, but it looks like there are a number of causes. Please list anything you think is associated with the issue and I will add it to the list of possible causes.

The reason you see controller associated with the bug is more about drivers than the hardware. I am a Razer fanboy and I often run into issues due to the Razer synapse software adding my Orbweaver and Tartus as a HID "controller" in device manager.