Can't start Revelation of the Goddess

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After completing the quest Discredit Where Credit is Due, (yes i did the vampire dungeon quest too) I did not receive the next quest, and i realized i never finished Building a Mystery, which was pretty weird. I went back and did this quest, and when i got back to valkaria, i got that promotion cutscene. In my quest book, it says that I completed all those quests, but the real problem is that I can't start the next one: Revelation of the Goddess. Everything i found online says you automatically receive it, so im super confused Not my quest log, but the tab that gives you the special missions says im supposed to talk to the Commander, but he doesnt give me the quest either. Ive submitted a support ticket, and its bean almost 2 weeks. Please Help.
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Revelation of the Goddess has no pre-requisite quests and is automatically awarded by the system when the character reaches level 28.

Sorry you are experiencing an issue with this. It will require a CS agent to help you.
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I have the same problem almost I cant accept the quest Emergency Support
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Can you post a screenshot of your Story Quests tab in your Quest Log?