Dark Revelations Boss spawn bug

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I've just been playing through the game normally as one would and I'm up to the kill Karascha quest. When i entered the dungeon the first lot of monsters spawned but when i got into the boss chamber there was just some guy called Leman who follows me around, i cant talk to him, talking to the person and the start is just a generic "glad your here go kill him" message, and i never received a cut scene which i am apparently meant to see. this is the first time doing the quest, I'm level 9, the reset instances button doesn't do ANYTHING. I've also tried re-entering the dungeon but nothing changed, the first room of mobs don't turn up either (on second + entering). Someone please help, I would like to continue playing with my friends.
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and then one day it worked... how do i delete this thread?
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Glad the issue resolved itself.

We occasionally get reports of this issue and in most cases it is due to a player being in a party that completes this quest, but their character wasn't in the instance. Since you are in the party, you are saved to the same instance ID. Meaning, you will enter the instance in a cleared state since your friends already killed everything.