Elite Gold Hunter Boost bug

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I cant use 100% Gold Hunter Boost from the elite status tab, instead it says ' 100% Gold Hunter Boost cannot stack anymore. Please try again after the existing effect expires.' Seeing from my buff bar, there wasn't any Gold Hunter Boost shown. Also, i didn't use my Gold Hunter Boost & its not on cooldown. Below are the screenshot:

1) other elite buff besides Gold Hunter Boost buff (Exp Boost, Reputation Boost & Quester Gold Boost)

2) the 'Cannot Stack Anymore' warning, despite there wasn't any Gold Hunter Boost being activated

3) gold on the ground before pick up

4) picked up gold, but was same as it on the ground & not boosted

Looks like part of my elite status is wasted & now its not worth grinding Ghillieglade or any dungeons with gold drops since the boost is not there.
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My gold hunter boost still bugged. I am grinding Ghillieglade a lot for event of kyra's catalyst potion, but i cant use my gold hunter boost. It's a waste since i can get a lot of gold from here (1 run = 150g, 4 runs = 600g, if i used gold hunter, it would be another 600g extra gold per day).
Need support to fix this, or its gonna stay for eternity. Please help to fix this bug. Thanks.
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Unfortunately you must contact Customer Support so that they can check the abnormalities on your character.