-GAME BUG- Alt Modifier Prevents Movement with A or S

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I use the alt modifier for most of my binds and while holding down the alt button to use or charge a skill I cannot use the 'a' or 's' buttons to move left or back. The 'w' and 'd' buttons still work while depressing the modifier and if I was ALREADY moving left or back with 'a' or 's' it will continue to move when I press alt until I release the 'a'/'s' key at which point I'm at square 1. I tested this in other games that use wasd movement and it was not an issue which led me to believe the issue was software related.

Also, I tried to bind alt+a and alt+s to left and back as the secondary bindings to work around the problem; however, when I do this it causes my character to sometimes auto-run in those directions until I hit the button again (without alt) which stops my character.

If anyone else is having or has had this issue let me know, especially if you have found a fix as it is very disruptive during high movement encounters or PvP. I'm quite used to using the alt key as a modifier from WoW and it would really throw me off having to learn a whole new way to position my hand after years of MMO play just to bypass this one issue.
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We are aware of this issue and have already communicated it to the developer. No eta on a resolution.