-Game Bug- Blade Draw Permanently Displayed in UI as "on Cooldown"

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Hello, this is my first forum post here, so hopefully I'll figure out how to add images shortly.

I've been experiencing a few UI issues recently, and have been attempting to rearrange my UI to work around the issues.

This issue is about the skill Blade Draw (on a warrior) being displayed were my skills on cooldown are normally displayed. When I log in, 3 stacks of blade draw are shown, with no countdown timers and it seems I am unable to remove them. When I activate another ability, my blade draw stacks get pushed over, as if they were a skill that were actually on cooldown.

Using blade draw does not affect these stacks in any way, it doesn't even put an actual cooldown tile in the list with all of my other skills.

I've tried several thigns to fix this:
Restarting the game client.
Restarting Steam.
Restarting my Computer.
Resetting the UI positions in game. (With the reset to original positions button).
Disabling and Re-enabling the cooldown display in the UI settings (<- This temporarily reduces me to 1 permanent stack of blade draw, until I use the skill again, then all 3 remain present).
Disabling the cooldown display and then restarting the client.

All of my skills still display their cooldwon timers in their hotbar slots, but my playstyle and binding setup makes it easier to use the cooldown display list.

Switching my hotkeys to any other tray (sets 2-9) removes the blade draws from my cooldown list. I also now have a fourth cooldown, stuck on display with 1 second.
Switching the tray allows the blade draw to behave normally on that tray, but moving back to tray 1 causes issues.

I believe I've found the source of the issue:
Removing my redundant blade draws from my hotkeys seems to have removed all of the cooldown icons from the cooldown list. The icon now appears when used and disappears properly.
The issue occurs when I have more than 3 of blade draw in my tray. (I had them there due to shortcuts on my mouse). Oddly enough, it seems specific to blade draw, as I cannot replicate the issue with any other skill.

The bug was spotted today, 6/6/2015 at around 18:00 EST, following a bug from 1:00 EST. At 1:00 EST earlier that day, blade draw seemingly disappeared from the cooldown list. Activating the skill did not add it to the list of skills on cooldown. It was essentially my problem now, except now I ahve an additionaly 3 stacks of blade draw waiting in my UI.

Character Name: R.Sol
Server: Valley of Titans


I'm going to begin detailing a slightly different bug that has been reported before, but I haven't seen a resolution to it yet, still regarding the UI. If I should submit a different post for this, someone please let me know.

My positioning for the cooldown skills location resets every time I restart the client. I like to position my cooldowns right below my character, but every time i log in, they end up underneath the chat box, highly obscuring them, forcing me to move their position everytime. (I have similar issues moving the Stamina gauge during refill, and the second skillbar depending on the positions I want to leave them at.)
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We reported these issues in early 2012 to the developer.

Cooldowns fail to track appropriately on cooldown bar when:
1. a skill is placed on the shortcut tray more than once
2. skills are placed on shortcut trays 2 - 10
3. skills are placed on the extra shortcut tray

BHS closed the bug without a fix. At this time we are not aware of any future fix for this issue.

As far as the UI resetting, that shouldn't happen. I will look into it further. One thing to be aware of, the game does not like overlapping UI frames. It tends to adjust them when reloading if they overlap. This is "in theory" to prevent the player from accidentally moving a UI frame outside the game window.

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Here is an album linking to some screenshots:

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did you click repair under tools before click "play"?