Game Bug-- Fine Niveot changed into Standard/Normal Niveot

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Kalosis Lvl.65
Tempest Reach (PVE)
Castanic Gunner
Tempest Reach

Level 65

I was in the process of switching out my Idoneal Hauberk for my newly crafted Forefront Plate. I removed my Fine Hardy Niveot crystals from my Idoneal Hauberk and equipped my crafted Forefront Plate, I was about to equip my Fine Hardy Niveot crystals when I realized they were no longer Fine Niveots, but normal Hardy Niveots.

I purchased all 4 Fine Hardy Niveot crystals with Vanguard credits from Khartan the Vanguard Initiative Crystal Merchant in Highwatch, and have 2 additional Fine Hardy Niveots that I also purchased as back-ups in case I lost any from getting killed. Those two extra Fine Hardy Niveots are unchanged and still sitting in my inventory.

Oddly enough, this has happened before and I never took notice to it as something odd, and just assumed that I received them from a quest and just forgot. But now that it has happened again, and I did in fact purchase all of my Niveots from Khartan, I know for a fact something is up. My wife also plays Tera, and informed me that this also happened to her today while she was upgrading her Idoneal armor to Ambit on her Sorceress. Also, we were both in Highwatch at the time of switching out our equipment.

Is there a chance for a Fine Crystal to revert/change back to a Normal Crystal? From my knowledge there isn't, or am I wrong?

Could this be a glitch? I think it could be.

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Would you mind breaking your experience down into steps? I would like to know exactly how you performed all the actions that lead to this issue. Please be detailed.
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Kalosis Lvl.65
Tempest Reach (PVE)
Castanic Gunner
Step 0 - Purchased Fine Niveot Crystals from Khartan (Vanguard Crystal Merchant/Highwatch) Several
days before.
Step 1 - Enchanted Forefront Plate to +9.
Step 2 - Masterworked +9 Forefront Plate.
Step 3 - Enchanted +9 Masterwork Forefront Plate to +12 Masterwork Forefront Plate.
Step 4 - Un-socketed Fine Hardy Niveot Crystals from Idoneal Armor (Equipped during whole process).
Step 5 - Replaced Idoneal Armor with +12 Masterwork Forefront Plate.
Step 6 - About to equip Fine Hardy Niveot Crystals.
Step 7 - Discovered Fine Hardy Niveot Crystals are now Normal Hardy Niveot Crystals.
Step 8 - Dismantled Idoneal Armor.
Step 9 - 4x Normal Hardy Niveot Crystals still in Inventory.
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