-Game Bug- Game Crashes on Guild Details tab

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Hi Everyone,

Eversince the latest update my Tera had unusual crashes.
Today I figured out that it crashes everytime I click on the Guild Details tab.
This is troublesome as I am a guildmaster.
Even after restarting the game freshly, specificly when I click on the tab, it crashes.
This happens on any character I log into.
It does come up with the 000a-0000 code. I do not have too little memory, neither does my
pc show any 'peaks' at the moment of the crash.

I tried to restart my pc
- run as admin
- move tera to temporarily patch
- lowered all settings (even though my pc can easily handle them)
- checked if any of my drivers had to be updated, theyre all up to date
- checked RAM, my RAM is fine.
- Fully removed Tera, started off with a clean install.

I really don't know what to try anymore.
Can anyone help?
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Next time someone experiences this issue please message me directly on these forums with all the text you are currently using in the text fields so I can reproduce.
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I am getting this too aswell now. It seems to be my guild it, as everyone else has alts in different guilds and they are saying it doesnt effect them on their alts.

Edit: Found a fix, its a issue with the guild details text box. Not sure what specifically crashes it but what u can do is flush the box out by having the guild master either
A: keep changing someones rank until the corrupted text is gone out of the first box or
B: You can invite or kick more people to the guild to also flush it out.

Once its flushed out, you won't be able to get pass the first page of guild details or so depending how far u flushed the corrupt message.
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