-Game Bug- Out of map bugs

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i have noticed 2 out of map bugs during the weekend. Both of them are bugs that make you go out of the map. The most recent bug was in Cathedral Passageway. I was fighting mobs in a doorway and i fell of the map. I could run under the map and the enemies could see me. I couldn't do dmg to anyone on the surface. However there was also an enemy under the map. It seems like he got there becouse of a bug. Also i couldn't get out of there without teleporting. The other out of the map bug was near the entrance to the Eldritch Academy. If you go on the rocks left of the puzzling monument, you can go through the wall. You can just walk out of there so its not a big problem.
Pictures of the bugs:
-Cathedral Passageway: http://imgur.com/a/L0iIS (3rd picture is the spot i fell from)
-Eldritch Academy: http://imgur.com/a/6C9Su
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We will check these locations out on our test server. Thanks for bringing them to our attention.

And just in case...run a repair on your client. This can be caused by a corrupt or modded file.