-Game Bug- Tera crashing frequently

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My tera is crashing always, i did not even last 2 mins in game and it crashes, I crashed 10 times now, is the server the problem? I keep getting kick out. does anyone here having the same problem?

I have a screenshot here:
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Have the same problems lately. Game randomly crashes after a period of time. Also cannot make new characters on my account...game will crash upon selecting a name.
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I have the same issue. Last week up till yesterday there were no problems whatsoever. Come today, less than a minute in, the screen just closes and in an instant I'm at my desktop again with the error 0008:0000. I have no problems with my internet connection since everything else outside of tera is running (browser & torrents)

It's just pretty weird how it's only happening now. The game is unplayable as it is now for me.
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Please try running a repair on your client from the TERA launcher.

Tools > Repair game install
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Same problem, for a week i crashes as every 40 second after entering game. Repair tool not helpful, problems with internet connection is also not found.