-Game Bugs- Renegade Belt and VM4 stun procs

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1) The renegade belt can have its stats reset by using a semi enigmatic scroll while it clearly stats that it cannot be used with a semi enigmatic scroll as we all knew.

This can be as well a typo rather than a bug but so far i have not see any change regarding the Renegade belt at the patch notes.

2) The VM4 stun procs from Renegade weapon seems to work with HB-7 attacks which is most likely not intended because i do not see the connection from the weapon itself and the HB-7 attacks since these are two different things.
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1) that tooltip is bugged, ALL belt can be rerolled with SES. :)

2) that as intended same with my vm4 generation weapon
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1) Those tooltips will be removed next maintenance. Thanks for bring it to our attention.

2) Not sure. I'll see if I can verify that functionality with the developer.