[Game-Bug] Glory mount found in Inventory Claim even when it wasn't bought?

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Hello Tera Community,

I am here to discuss a bug involving a friend and his permanent "bought" mount. Days ago, my friend shared with my that he had found the "Glory" mount in his inventory claim on Tempest Reach. He saw the notification appear over his inventory claim and clicked on the option to quench his curiosity. Momentarily he told me that he got the "cool, sick, amazing ice-wolf" mount. I was confused because of his description and asked for more specific details. Once he filled me in, my reaction was just whatever, but when I noticed that he got the same glitch with his other account on a different server(Celestial Hills) I was extremely confused... Was this meant to happen or was it just an in-game glitch?

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We have no other reports of this happening. Guess your friend was smiled upon by the TERA gods.

Or he is trolling you.

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When you create a new account, you do get a free seven-day mount in your Item Claim, and I think it is a wolf right now. So that's probably what your friend is observing here, I'm guessing.
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unless I caught it at the end of the rotation the free mount right now is a lion, but like I said I could've just caught it at the end of the gift rotation (my lion expires today)