HElpSuport does not solve problem !!with my char

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Ticket Number: 092715-000018

Hello, because having gms if they do not solve problems of simple bugs, my char bug Laurel, stay one month running back to make the achievements and end bugou, yes bug ..
Send all evidence by the MP.
Something simple to edit or arrange for a GM a game any MMO, I've added money in this game ..I just want a decent support, really discouraging this, I am seriously thinking of taking a break in this game, other games that game in support via chat GMS actually solve problems on the spot.
Here when falling short a lot, no longer just direct spam in illegal sale of game gold and nobody does anything.
GMs work for Enmasse not? Or so here is a joke and do not earn anything .. we will act ..this is not the first time that occurs many friends have reported similar problems, some to stop playing.
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If you already sent in a ticket, they probably haven't even gotten to it yet. It usually takes a few days.

When they do review the ticket, I assume they'll tell you whether they can or cannot resolve it. If it is indeed some sort of bug, they may not have the tools to fix it, and it may depend on BHS to fix the underlying root cause. I assume they will tell you if that's the case.

If you tried to live chat but weren't honest about the type of issue, then yes, I assume they wouldn't have dealt with it via chat, but it isn't clear to me from the post if that's what you're saying.

In any case, if it's possible to resolve the issue, I assume they will try to do so, but it may not be possible for them. They're not the programmers.
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I'm locking this thread, but will be happy to looking into the ticket that was submitted so that I can better understand the nature of the concern.