Returning Player w RAM Issues

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As the title reads. I'm a returning player, last time I was on was the reaper patch. I'm trying to play the game again from the exact same computer that I used to play on, but now all of a sudden I'm getting the 00a-0000 error when I try to launch the game when I'd never gotten it before. I know next to nothing about tech stuff so if any of you know some solutions, please dumb it down for me! <3

Edit - just ran a test through the tools menu and my RAM and CPU check out, so why does the launcher give me the memory error?
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I guess the first thing I would do is right-click on the TERA icon, choose "Run as administrator", and then go to the Tools menu and run a Repair. This should scan all your files to make sure that nothing is missing or corrupt. I'd try to eliminate this as a possible cause before trying the next steps.
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Pretty similar problem here... I was playing Tera, with Archer until level 32, then I had stopped playing... And now, I installed the game via steam, on the same computer, but after few minutes of playing (5-10) the game will crash, with insufficient memory error.

I know that my pc is pretty bad... CPU 2.6 Ghz dual core, Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT 1 GB and just 2 GB RAM. Its bad for playing Tera, I know (I will be buying new pc soon) but point is, that I was able to play with this pc, but now I just cant... so what can I do until I buy new pc?

Im now doing that repair thing, but I dont think it will help... I will report here after finish.
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Repaired, tested, still crashing... I dont expect any more help here, except for "just wait for you new pc" but still... If you have any ideas, feel free to post them. :)
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Shot in the dark here, but...Occasionally you can get an error about insufficient memory from having a corrupt file.

You should always first try the client repair tool at the bottom of the TERA Launcher.

Next, go into your TERA root folder and delete your EN.version and relaunch the game. More often than not, if it is a corrupt file, it is the dat. Deleting this file forces the EN dat to patch.