Yurel : Playing Catch-Up

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He is stuck on the side of the cliff outside Highwatch and is unreachable. I can't continue the main story line without talking to him.
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Same here. I tried getting really close to the edge and clicking on him, but no dice. I just kept falling off... ^_^'
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I am not seeing this issue in our QA environments. Please post a screenshot or video so I can submit it to the developer for resolution. Make sure to keep your UI up so we can see the NPC location on your overlay map.
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I'm having the same problem, but I don't know how to post screenshots here...

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that quests involving "Talk to this person. Talk to this person. Talk to this person. Etc." are not fun or beneficial to anyone, especially when you spend more time traveling and talking than you do fighting.
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I am having the same problem with him being over the side of the cliff. And yeah, how do you post a screen shot, that would be helpful information. I took one... but am not finding a way to place it here.
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This is happening right now, btw.

And I went back and looked to find out how to give you guys an SS and found zip.
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Quest: Playing Catch-Up
Quest NPC that is over the cliff. Yurel

Please fix this, apparently it's been a couple weeks that he's been falling off the cliff. >.<