Lord Helmos' Guide to Castanica Cant

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Lord Helmos' Guide to Castanica Cant (Version 4):
Last Update: 7/20/2012

This is a roleplaying guide that outlines the use of the Castanica Cant. The Castanica Cant is a coded language that was first started by a small band of castanic rogues. When the castanics joined the federation, the underground network of cutthroats, thieves, pirates, and assassins that was once largely dominated by the castanics began to grow. New races and individuals with 'unique' talents began to join the shadowy ranks of the underground. Now the underground consists of a large network that spans all across Arborea -sometimes supporting the federation and sometimes supporting nefarious deeds. The coded language once used by the castanic rogues still exists in Arborea today. The Cant is currently being used by members of the underground to talk about unique jobs without having to worry about wandering ears picking up details.

The purpose of this Cant is to create an underground language that can be used by black market and underground guilds on the server (similar to the smuggler's cant in starwars galaxies). This is also intended to improve immersion and give underground or black market guilds their own unique touches. More wordings and expansions to the Cant will be added. If you have any suggestions that you feel would add to the cant please post them in the same format I used here. I would love to see something like this used in our RP server to create a more unique atmosphere in TERA RP.

Feel free to use this guide and the Castanica Cant in your own RP or guild-related RPs. The best thing people can do to support the cant is to freely use it and spread word of its existence across our server.


Examples of the Cant in use:

Cant: "I rigged something for you up at the tower. I heard about a lank and his prancer who've got a shiny pearl locked up in their mansion. I need a black cat who knows how to stride to get in and haggle it for me."

Translation: "I have a job for you in Allemantheia. I heard about a high elf and his elven girl who have something valuable locked up in their mansion. I need a master thief who knows how to move silently to get in and steal it for me."

Cant: "That craftsman Lokked me for the last time. I need a politician with some real tricks. Tell your reed to get in there and pour Armon's cup. Be sure your jack dumps the barrel before he's done. I don't want any of the alkaheist from this rig taking strides on me."

Translation: "That castanic double-crossed me for the last time. I need an assassin with some real skill. Tell your expert to get in there and kill Armon. Make sure your man kills everyone in the room before he's done. I don't want any of the risky business from this job sneaking up on me."

Cant: "Any dancers and prancers at this watering hole or is it just jacks and roundbellies?"

Translation: "Any castanic and high elf girls at this tavern, or is it just guys and popori?"

Words that Reference the Castanica Cant itself or initiate speaking in Cant:

Play the cards / Let's Play Cards:
Definition: To speak in Castanica Cant.
Example: "You know how to play the cards my friend?"

To Deal in / Deal me in:
Definition: To allow a person to become involved with the job or to hire someone. Can also mean to invite someone into a conversation involving Cant speak.
Example: "He looks like a decent reed, should I deal him in?"

Set the Table / To Set the Table:
Definition: To setup a meeting for a job.
Example: "Call in ya best reeds, I have a skywhale we need to reel in and I want to set the table for 'er at the rose garden."

Hand / Show me your Hand:
Definition: A hand refers to someone's skillset / show me your hand is a statement to prove one's skill.
Example: "Show me your hand boy! I want ta see ya hit that target with an arrow from where the lank is standin'."

Out of the Game / Dealt his or her Last Hand:
Definition: Forced into retirement from an underground trade, usually from being injured, jailed, or botching a huge job.
Example: "If you blow this rig, your out of the game."

To Fold/Folded his or her hand:
Definition: To leave a job or task before its finished.
Example: "We almost had the pearl until the roundbelly folded his hand at the last minute.'"

Definition: Azo- is a special prefix in Castanica Cant that indicates that a word that has a meaning in cant is instead using its normal basic meaning.
Example: "I don't like that Azo-politician, he's too much of a feathercap." (This indicates that the person is talking about an actual politician. Without the Azo- prefix, politician means 'assassin' in cant.)


Definition: An veteran member of the underground who is known for having a high level of expertise.
Example: "I've got a skywhale on the reel for ya so you better have your best reeds ready."

Definition: An amateur or newbie.
Example: "Don't be bringin' any tuwangi to my rig, I don't want any bottles bein' poured on my watch."

Definition: A high value job. To 'reel in' a skywhale means to setup a high value job.
Example: "Got a skywhale I'm workin' on reelin' in. Gonna need a black cat, a tricky jester, and a fisherman who can fish the wings off a fly."

Definition: A standard word for 'job.' To 'rig up something' also means to setup a job.
Example: "Got a few rigs under the table, ya interested?"

A Pair of Legs or a Pair:
Definition: A really easy job that takes almost no effort. Simply saying a "pair" is a more tame way of using this definition.
Example: "Send those tuwangi over to my place later today, I'll have a nice pair of legs around 'em in no time."
Example 2: "I'm gonna keep on givin' ya pairs until ya show me that ya know what it means to be a reed."

Definition: An assassin.
Example: "I want his cup poured by sundown, get me a politician."

Definition: The art of assassination.
Example: "I hope you have archrunes in your deck, politics ain't free."

Definition: Low value (copper and silver) coins.
Example: "This pair of legs worth only a few silrunes, but its a good start for a tuwangi like you."

Definition: High value (gold) coins.
Example: "Time for a real rig boy! This one's got plenty of archrunes in the deck and should make a reed outta you yet!"

Definition: 1000 (gold) coins.
Example: "The roundbelly said he would shuffle a keyrune into the deck if we get him that pearl."

Deck / Shuffle x into the Deck / Cut the Deck:
Definition: A sum of money or pot (usually used in reference to a reward or demand). To 'shuffle' something into the deck means to add an additional reward or make a change to the current one (usually used when increasing the reward towards something more favorable or valuable). Cutting the deck means to take away from or lessen the reward.
Example: "How does the deck look for this rig of yours, silrunes or archrunes?"
Example 2: "I'm in on this rig as long as that lank doesn't cut the deck at the last minute."
Example 3: "Shuffle some keyrunes into that deck and maybe I'll talk to my reeds."

Jack / Jill:
Definition: A friend or member of the underground. Calling someone a jack usually indicates that they are trustworthy. Jill is the female connotation of a jack.
Example: "How about you put those oars away and relax? We are all jacks and jills here."

Definition: The target of the job. A person or object.
Example: "Tell me about the pearl, where is she locked up?"

Definition: Thugs, hired hands, or minions.
Example: "I think the lank put a few gnats on our backs just to stir the pot."

Definition: A fence or someone who deals in black market goods.
Example: "If your lookin' to lighten your load, I got a good shifter you should talk to down at the wall."

Definition: A con artist. Someone know "knows how to fiddle" refers to someone who knows how to con.
Example: "That craftsman sure knows how to play the fiddle. With jus' a few words, he was able to clock both those stiffnecks and haggle the pearl from right under their noses before they's could blink!"
(Suggestion by Alexisia)

A Song / A Tune:
Definition: A scam.
Example: "I need a fiddler to sing a song for that feathercap so we can haggle the pearl."
(Suggestion by Alexisia)

Round / Rounds:
Definition: Smuggled or stolen goods.
Example: "I heard that shank be cartin' some good rounds into this city. Ya think he be cartin' oars?"

Definition: Someone essential for the job due to a key skill.
Example: "Going to need an artisian to bring down this skywhale, I think I might know a good jester."

Definition: A skilled magic user or arcanist.
Example: "Watch for that jester, heard he burned a few tuwangi crispy last night."

Robe / Robie / The Robes:
Definition: A priest or healer.
Example: "Branna got licked pretty bad, I think we should call in the robes."

Cat or Black Cat:
Definition: Someone skilled at stealing or sneaking. A black cat indicates a master thief.
Example: "In looking for a cat that knows how to stride. I've got a rig with something shiny to haggle and alot of stiffnecks with eyes on the pearl."

Fisherman / Fisher (for females) / Fishing / To Fish:
Definition: A blademaster or someone skilled with a sword. 'Fishing' refers to swordplay. To 'fish' means to cut.
Example: "Don't mess with the fisherman in the corner over there. I've seen him fish the arms off a frost giant in less time than it takes you to blink."

Definition: A berzerker or someone known for causing chaos and doing a huge amount of damage.
Example: "They brought a fixer in to do some heavy lifting at the watering hole. Don't count on getting a mug there anytime soon."

Tree / Forest:
Definition: A bodyguard / entourage of bodyguards.
Example: "There are alot of eyes on that prancer. Any idea how many trees she's got in her forest?"

Wagon Man / Wagoner:
Definition: A smuggler.
Example: "I think we need a wagon man to cart those oars into the city."

Lurker / Lurkers:
Definition: Argons.
Example: "Don't be takin' any rigs beyond the wall, there be lurkers there."

Oar / Oars:
Definition: Weapons.
Example: "Get yer' oars out kids, it's time to stir the pot."

Well / Draw Water from the Well / Well Water(s):
Definition: An area of shady dealings or the black market district of a town or city. To 'draw water from the well' means to get information or go job hunting in the shady district of a town or city. The 'well' indicate someone is talking about the underground as a whole. For someone to have 'well water' on them means they are affiliated with the underground.
Example: "I'm goin' to the Millhouse to draw some water from the well. Hopefully I can find us a rig or two."
Example 2: "I think we should cut that jester out of the rig, he doesn't have enough well water on him and might have his cards in with the brickhouse."

Definition: A wealthy patron, someone with alot of money.
Example: "Got a message from the feathercaps, I'm hopin' ta see a Skywhale soon."

Definition: A city or town guard.
Example: "Don't let those stiffnecks put eyes on you while you haggle unless you want to be left out to dry."

Coat / Longcoat:
Definition: A soldier or member of the Federation military. A longcoat refers to an experienced or high ranking military officer.
Example: "You can play the cards pretty good for a longcoat. How about you show me your hand?"

Definition: Risk or risky business. A job with alot of Alkaheist refers to a difficult job. Can also mean danger or threat.
Example: "I don't like this rig, there's too much Alkaheist involved."
Example 2: "You said you spotted a Skywhale for us. How much alkaheist do you think is involved in this one? I'm not trying to pour my own cup over a few keyrunes."

Definition: Vanarch. To be luxed means to be elected Vanarch of a province.
Example: "Heard the lux is in town today, make sure to check your feet every now and then."

Fangspawn / Fanger:
Definition: Someone untrustworthy. Alludes to the unpredictability of fangspawn attacks and their practice of suddenly fleeing combat.
Example: "Don't let any fangspawns roll in on this rig, I'm not trying to get Lokked out of my share of the archrunes."

Basilisk / Basilisk's Breath:
Definition: A liar / A feeling of distrust or skepticism.
Example: "I smell the basilisk's breath on that craftsman, make sure he doesn't get near the vault."

Definition: Guts or gut-feeling.
Example: "Sometimes when things go bad on a rig, you just got to suck it up and trust yer irons."
Example 2: "That hammer's sure got some irons to be taking a dracoloth head on like that."

Chirp / Heard a Chirp / Birdhouse:
Definition: A chirp refers to an informant, to hear a chirp indicates that an informant is in the area. A birdhouse refers to an underground information network.
Example: "I heard a chirp at the tower, there's a birdhouse out there that should tell us exactly what we need to know to haggle this pearl."

Definition: A prostitute.
Example: "Hey, if we make it out of this rig with our cups still full, maybe I'll get you some lacetails at my favorite chapel."
(Suggestion by Alexisia)

Tying his or her Laces:
Definition: The act of prostitution.
Example: "Whew, that dancer knows how to carry the goods. It's a damn shame she's tying her laces."
(Suggestion by Alexisia)

Definition: A matchmaker or pimp. A cardinal is usually a respectable purveyor of prostitution in legalized cities such as Castanica and takes good care of his or her prostitutes by hiring bouncers and allowing them to freely deny any job. A baron usually refers to a pimp who forces others into prostitution against their will.
Example: "Every jack knows that a baron who puts licks on his own lacetails ain't ever a good thing."
(Suggestion by Alexisia)

Objects related to Piracy:

Cutter / Knife / Guillotine:
Definition: General word for a pirate ship or boat. A knife refers to a faster and usually smaller ship. A guillotine refers to the highest grade of pirate ship and is usually a large galleon loaded with cannons.
Example: "Damn lurkers drove my favorite cutter under yesterday."

Teeth / Tooth:
Definition: Refers to cannons on a ship.
Example: "Your knife looks pretty sturdy, but does she have teeth?"

Axe / Throw an Axe:
A heavily armed ship or galleon, usually military grade. To throw an axe means to put a heavy ship on patrol in that area.
Example: "Be wary out in the north seas, I heard the stiffnecks threw an axe out there."

An argon sky-ship. Feared by all pirates.
Example: "I hear the rays be out at night. You best be clear of the northern waters unless ya want the lurkers to paint you black."

Shank / Longshank:
Definition: A pirate. A longshank is a pirate captain.
Example: "There be a whole row of shanks on that cutter waitin' for us."
Example 2: "That one with the black-feathered hat be the longshank of that bunch."

Definition: A port or dock where a ship is anchored.
Example: "My cutter is on the block just east of here. We should be headin' that way before any stiffnecks come out lookin' for jacks to hang."

Clam / Oyster:
Definition: Clam and Oysters are used interchangeably to distinguish something of value to a pirate.
Example: "I heard a sea-wooly be tryin' ta cross the southern channel without 'er axe. Easy clams for the takin'!"

Definition: Treasure.
Example: "The pearl be a shiny piece some jack put in the ground out at the isle. Ya got an artisan who be tricky enough to track 'er down and pull er up mate?"

Definition: Maps.
Example: "Get me some papers so I can chart us to the piece."

Spear / To Spear:
Definition: To attack another vessel (or sometimes a caravan on land) in an act of piracy.
Example: "I'm takin' my knife off the block today. Hopin' we can spear some sea-woolies before sundown."

Sea-wooly / Sea-woolies / Land-woolies:
Definition: A civilian ship or merchant target (sometimes caravans are called land-woolies by pirates).
Example: "Saw a nice sea-woolie at the northern line. She be ripe for the pickin' boys."

Definition: A large civilian ship or prime target for pirates.
Example: "That sea-walrus be loaded with oysters but yer gonna need a guillotine with two rows of teeth to get by all 'er axes."

Verbs, Adjectives, and Descriptive Words:

Haggle / To Haggle:
Definition: To steal.
Example: "I need a black cat to haggle a box from a vault in the wall."

Tricky / Trickster:
Definition: Skilled / someone with skill.
Example: "Are you a tricky reed or just another dusty jack?"

Dusty / Collecting Dust:
Definition: Unskilled / out of practice.
Example: "That cat is a bit dusty at the haggling. Two archrunes says he's gonna get put on ice by the stiffnecks before we finish this rig."

Cart / To Cart:
Definition: To move black market goods undetected / to smuggle.
Example: "Gonna need you to cart those oars beyond the wall."

Shuffle / To Shuffle:
Definition: To trade, exchange, or transfer ownership.
Example: "You got any archrunes on ya? I'm lookin' to shuffle some oars."

Strider / To Stride / To Take Strides:
Definition: The art of moving silently or in stealth. A strider is someone who can move silently. Also means to sneak or the art of sneaking.
Example: "Take a few strides into that wagon and haggle me something shiny."

Pour a Bottle / Pour their Bottles / Pour his or her Cup / Pour their Cups:
Definition: To kill. Sometimes this doesn't even need to be said, the person simply slowly pours out what they are drinking on the floor.
Example: "Sanchel thought he could handle that rig -until he ran into a politician that poured his bottle. That's what a jack gets for trying to be the good guy."

Clock / to Clock:
Definition: To confuse, distract, or misdirect.
Example: "I'm gonna need you to clock that prancer over there so I can haggle 'er necklace."

Shine / Shiny / Has some Shine on it:
Definition: Has value.
Example: "Whatever you shuffled into the deck better be shiny enough to see my reflection in it."

Smoke and Mirrors / To make Smoke and Mirrors:
Definition: To escape or get away. Smoke and Mirrors as a noun indicates an exit or escape route.
Example: "After you clock the goons, let's make some smoke and mirrors."
Example 2: "Some smoke and mirrors would really be nice right now!"

Lick / Licked:
Definition: To injure, beat up, or get beat up.
Example: "Got licked by that anvil last rig. I don't want to stir the pot with him again."

Do some Heavy Lifting:
Definition: To do an extreme amount of damage.
Example: "That fixer did some heavy lifting for Armon. I think Armon's gonna be out of the game for good."

Stir the Pot:
Definition: To start a fight or brawl.
Example: "Get yer hands off ya oars unless ya boys want to stir the pot!"

Check your Feet:
Definition: To blend in or look insconspicious.
Example: "Better check your feet, I don't like the way that anvil has eyes on us."

Ice / Iced / To Ice / On Ice:
Definition: To capture or take prisoner.
Example: "Iced us a nice feathercap pearl and carted 'im off the block last night. I think he be worth a few keyrunes down at the well."
(Suggestion by Inalk)

Thaw / To Thaw out:
Definition: To release a prisoner.
Example: "We got yer muffin on ice old man so ya better shuffle some archrunes into the deck if ya ever want to see 'er thaw!"

Twiddling those Fingers / Twiddle those Fingers:
Definition: Magic / to use magic.
Example: "Come on jester! Show me if ya know anything about twiddling those fingers!"

Lok / To Lok / Lokked:
Definition: To betray or double-cross.
Example: "I don't like that craftsman, I think he's gonna Lok us on this one."

Definition: Greedy.
Example: "Don't let that caiman honey bee in on this rig, she'll haggle all the archrunes out of the deck and leave us with nothin' but lint in our pockets."

The Smell of Roses / Smells like Roses
Definition: Means easy. The wording alludes to loose Castanics in matchmaking houses.
Example: "We should take this rig, I can smell the roses on it."
Example 2: "A Skywhale with no stiffnecks around? I love the smell of roses in the morning."

Hung out to dry / Hanging out to Dry:
Definition: Put in jail / in jail
Example: "Heard that left that jester hangin' out to dry at the tower. He burned half the market down before the stiffnecks put 'im on ice.

Definition: Fake or counterfeit.
Example: "Only a tuwangi doesn't check the deck for cursemarks before takin' a rig."
(Suggestion by Alexisia)

To Stick 'im ('er) with the Poker / Use the Hot Poker:
Definition: To blackmail.
Example: "I wanna know what that chirp knows and you's gonna find out for me. Stick 'im with the poker if ya have to."
(Suggestion by Alexisia)

To Tickle his or her Ribs:
Definition: To torture.
Example: "The chirp don't want to talk? Take 'im down to the rathouse and tickle his ribs for a few days."

Locations and Organizations:

The Rose Garden:
Definition: Castanica.
Example: "I hear there are some people that can deal you in at the Rose Garden."

Definition: Indicates a matchmaking house in Castanica that hosts red-light services.
Example: "I should take ya to my favorite chapel, the dancers really got the goods there."

The Millhouse:
Definition: Velika.
Example: "After this rig come grab a mug with me at the Millhouse, I have a nice pair of legs waitin'."

The Tower:
Definition: Allemantheia.
Example: "I need you to haggle a pearl off of a jester who runs his show at the tower, you up for it?"

The Wall:
Definition: Kaiator.
Example: "Got a sealed vault in the wall that no black cat's been able to haggle anything out of. Think your tricky enough to crack 'er?"

The Fruit Basket:
Definition: Pora Elinu.
Example: "I rigged something up at the fruit basket, don't get stung by any honey bees while your out there."

The Yard / The Field:
Definition: The Argon front.
Example: "If you get caught they give you two options: get hung out to dry or try your luck out at yard."

Watering Hole:
Definition: A bar or tavern.
Example: "I know a good watering hole at the millhouse if you want to down some mugs after this rig."

Shady Tree:
Definition: A safehouse.
Example: "I need a shady tree I can rest under until I can figure out what to do with all this Alkaheist."

The Brickhouse:
Definition: Refers to the Federation.
Example: "I heard the Brickhouse threw a few axes into southern waters. Best to steer yer cutter far away from those lines."

The Circus:
Definition: Refers to the Mysterium.
Example: "That last rig really riled up the circus. Now they've got jesters lined up on every corner of the tower."

Definition: A dungeon or jail.
Example: "I hear the longshank be hangin' out to dry over at a rathouse under the rose garden."


The Kingfisher/ Miss Kingfisher:
Definition: Kaia.
Example: "Don't do anything stupid while your trying to climb over the wall, miss Kingfisher's got eyes on you."

Sleeping Beauty:
Definition: Elinu.
Example: "You think sleeping beauty will ever wake up?"

The Peacemaker / Lady Black Arrow:
Definition: Velik.
Example: "If you try to Lok me on this one not even an arrow from the peacemaker's bow will be able to save you."
Example 2: "Lady Black Arrow ain't gonna like what I have to say if you stir the pot up in my watering hole."

The World Walker:
Definition: Karas. Castanica Cant usually references him leaving the elves behind. This is usually highly offensive to lanks and prancers. Usually used in conjunction with abandoning or giving up a job.
Example: "What, your gonna turn your back on this rig just like the World Walker would?"

The Old-Hand:
Definition: Balder.
Example: "I wonder what would have happened to this world if the Old-Hand were still around."

The Cryptkeeper:
Definition: Thulsa.
Example: "If he ever comes out from under that shady tree I'm gonna make sure he gets his bottle poured by the cryptkeeper himself."


Baker / Muffin:
Definition: Human Male / Human Female
Example: "That muffin knows how to carry the goods. I'm thinkin' she's worth rollin' the dice for."

Anvil / Hammer:
Definition: Male Amani / Female Amani
Example: "Keep yer hands off that anvil's hammer if ya want ta keep yer jaw."

Craftsman / Dancer:
Definition: Male Castanic / Female Castanic
Example: "I know some good rose houses at the craftsman's place, maybe we can find some fun dancers to roll the dice with."

Lank / Prancer:
Definition: Male High Elf / Female High Elf
Example: "I think we should deal in the lank, I heard he's knows a thing or two about fishin'."

Honey Bee:
Definition: An Elin. To be stung by a honey bee means to be tricked or outsmarted by an Elin as they are known for being wise.
Example: "Don't let that little honey bee's looks put the sting on you, she's the best black cat the millhouse has to offer."

Definition: A Popori
Example: "The rig was goin' just fine until the damn roundbelly ate the pearl."

Book / Library:
Definition: A Baraka / alot of barakas or a baraka nomad caravan
Example: "That book is back again. This time he brought the whole damn library."

Figures of Speech:

Dump the Barrel:
Definition: Kill them all. In assassination it usually means to kill everyone in the room.
Example: "Dump the barrel when your done here, I don't want any eyes to remember this day."

Stack the Deck / Stack the Deck in x's Favor:
Definition: Show me the money / Show me more money to keep me interested.
Example: "Show me your you the right reed for this rig, and maybe I'll stack the deck in your favor."
Example 2: "Stack deck old man, politics ain't free."

Play the Hero / Be the Good Guy:
Definition: Indicates a newbie trying to take a job he or she can't handle.
Example: "Stick with your pair of legs ya tuwangi kid, you ain't ready to play the hero just yet."

Painted Black / To Paint something Black:
Definition: To disappear or make something (or someone) disappear without a trace.
Example: "Heard Bruga painted that pearl black after the rig, our black cat still hasn't found it yet."

Got the Goods / Carrying the Goods / Knows how to Carry the Goods:
Definition: Indicates someone is very attractive.
Example: "Whew, look at that muffin! She's got the goods all right."

Roll the Dice / Rolling the Dice / to Roll the Die:
Definition: To engage in courting conversation with someone.
Example: "I've got eyes on that lil' dancer over there, think I should roll the dice with her?"

Corked / Got a Cork in him or her:
Definition: Indicates whether or not someone has a romantic partner or spouse.
Example: "Hey, do you think that prancer carrying the goods has a got a cork in her? If not I think I might roll the dice."

Corner / To be Cornered:
Definition: To be in love with another.
Example: "I'm not surprised she put the cork in that lank, she's had him cornered for a long time."

Anchor / To Anchor / Get Anchored / Drop Anchor:
Definition: To spend the night with someone.
Example: "Roll the dice right with that dancer and maybe you'll get yerself anchored tonight."

Sent to the Yard / Sent to Work the Fields:
Definition: To be sent to the Argon front.
Example: "They gave the boss a choice, hang out to dry for 20 years or to be sent out to the yard. I don't think I ever want to work the fields myself."

Turn that Crown Upside Down:
Definition: To try to bribe a Vanarch or powerful official.
Example: "I think Syara is at the lux's place. Silly girl thinks she can turn that crown upside down."

Take a Stroll:
Definition: To lay low and not take any jobs for awhile. Usually used when things get too hot or dangerous due to a previous job or situation.
Example: "A few good reeds got hung out to dry by the new lux, I think I might take a stroll."
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This is ridiculously awesome. Thanks for putting this together!
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Merry on 06/29/2012, 09:12 PM - view
This is ridiculously awesome. Thanks for putting this together!

Thank you! I added a few more definitions and cleaned up the guide a bit more. I hope more underground themed guilds on CH start using this :)
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This is great! Keep us updated cause while my guild wouldn't use it as a whole, several members including me would.

Would it be ok to link this in my guilds forum?
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Raiko199 on 06/30/2012, 05:24 PM - view
This is great! Keep us updated cause while my guild wouldn't use it as a whole, several members including me would.

Would it be ok to link this in my guilds forum?

Of course, definitely! I created this guide and coded language for the community and to improve RP immersion. I'd like people to spread the word and use it as it best fits their guilds and roleplay. You can definitely guild forum link it! The best thing people can do to support the Castanica Cant is to spread the word and actively use it.

Talking in cant usually attracts RP because people are naturally interested in this strange new way of talking. Spectators find out that the more they hear it, the better they can pick on up what's going on.

We used a similar cant in other games with a great degree of success. At one point we had almost every major underground guild on our server familiar with the cant with new people being "dealt in" all the time.
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Very creative and intelligent! I commend your initiative and admire your style.

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You sir are a genious and have my approval.
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Now updated with some Cant descriptions to better support pirates! Yar mateys!
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Updated the guide to Version 2:

-Definition for humans changed from farmboy/farmgirl to baker/muffin for better ambiguity!

-Also the Castanican Pleasure House definition changed from Rose House to Chapel to prevent it from being confused with Castanica City.

-More pirate definitions added!

I promise I will not make any changes to additional works unless demanded by the community or unless there is good reason. I only updated the human definition due to several requests in live RP. In version II, the cant is looking pretty solid.

Also thank you to all of the underground guilds currently supporting the use of the Cant!
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