Please Nerf people that want to Nerf Archer

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Espically Zdzisiu. Betch slayer who QQ that others are OP. Most funniest sht ever.

Lol at pro priest not dying
Lol at powpowpowpow doing constant 50k+ per hit
Lol at pro slayers killing everything cept lancer and priest in 3 hit
Lol at slayers being carried by craving glyth and backstab
Lol at Zdzisiu failing as a slayer
Lol at pro warriors doing 30k with blade draw (seriously, people who can't aim blade draw shouldn't be a warrior)
Lol at warrior stun locking
Lol at Lancer (Doll, and VirginSoft) killing 6 people by themselves
Lol at lancer stun locking people
Lol at lancer doing 32k crits from behind
Lol at failures who think 4 archers who goes in with premade and aiming people under 30% hp is OP (Azul, Txubasa, Asuna, some others.......) and represent the whole archer player base
Lol at people running into a stun trap
Lol at my slayer with fobber t13 BG sword doing 35k crit on +9 armor archers

lastly: Lol at Zdzisiu saying that archer damage needs to be nerf to be comparable to other classes. Hey Zdzisiu, archer = 20-30k normal damage per 5 sec. Slayer = 15k-25k normal damage per 3 second. archer = 40 crit rate. slayer = 156 crit rate. Lol at your math.

you want archer to do comparable damage with other dps classes? Buff them, cause right now, DPS (damage per second) they are lacking. Archer only do high burst damage.
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Please nerf everything wanting to kill me, it's not fair! Only I can kill things, hmph >:(

Archers only crit high when they are behind you and it criticals. Stop moving your character in-front of the archer with ur back to them and they'll hit like 10-30k haha Very silly argument to nerf the archers because of this reasoning.
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JerryBoyle on 10/01/2012, 01:06 PM - view
Please nerf everything wanting to kill me, it's not fair! Only I can kill things, hmph >:(

That sounds perfectly like Zdzisiu :)

Btw I'm not calling for a nerf. Just stating the facts that some people "wink wink" fail to ever understand.

wait...actually i am. Please nerf people that want to nerf archer :D
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