Warrior ,Slayer,lancer or berserker????

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i want a good class in PVE so which class is better for it? who has more damage.... and good with a groups.. and fight on 1 vs 1 .... im a fan of dps and quick movements but still not sure.
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A good one... Hm... There are many good classes here. But "DPS" and "more damage" doesn't sound like a lancer, still. Lancer is kinda slow, has good damage (but not like berserker or slayer), and can Withstand in clouds of pathos. So no, not a lancer.
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If you want to get extremely technical, Warriors have great damage at an consistent rate.

Berserkers can deal the most damage, but because they are slow moving and hard hitting, it all depends on when the critical hits actually kick in.

Slayers are kind of the same, but they seem to have more quick movements, which you may like a little more if you do love quick movements.

A lancer, which I highly suggest because we are slacking in the department, is one that does not have the best DPS, but does come in handy when it comes to groups and even soloing (Warriors, when tanking, fall in this category too because when tanking, they have less of a chance to do much DPS cause of all the jumping around they do.)

So when it comes to damage,
if u want consistence = Warrior
If you want great crit when u hit= Berserker
If u want a crit hit and quick mobiblity= Slayer
If u want to be able to efficiently guard and be in groups/solo (but not so awesome...its good enough for solo DPS) = Lancer

That's all I have to say :) For you, u seem like a warrior...