Masterwork Alkahest VS. Extensive Alkahest

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I couldn't find any reliable source for this one, so I will ask.

I heard that Extensive Alkahest is better. Make sense to me since the color of the name is blue, while MW alk is green.

I been using MW alk to enhance my gear. I farmed all of my MW alk, so I do not buy any alkahest from broker or other players.

From +11 to +12 only, should I continue to farm and use Masterwork Alkahest from +11 to +12 or should I buy Extensive and use Extensive instead? or it does not matter? The price difference between these two is very close, so I guess the success rate is not different?

How many of you use Masterwork Alkahest from +11 to +12?
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I use whatever MW alk I have on hand from running dungeons, then I go buy extensive alk off broker. Since the price is about the same. There's no reason to ever buy MW alk.

I'm not sure about the success rate, but extensive alk gives a lot more (like double) enchant correction on failures. I guess it depends how quickly you want to get +12 and how much gold you're willing to throw at it. You could theoretically just keep farming MW alk and not spend a single copper on alk, but that takes a lot of time...

I just buy extensive alk to finish off enchanting whenever I run out of my stockpiled MW alk.
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Double correction? @_@, I guess I should use Extensive sometime lol. Thanks for the information.
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Not double correct. Every 3 fails from EA is equal to 4 MA failures. I could be wrong and someone correct me on this but it is not double correction.