Hey guys, I'm Stay from TR. I will be hosting a 1v1 EQ PvP Tournament on _____ (Date is TBA). Please read on and come support us and our pvp community on this tournament!

-Equip the provided gear for the tournament, bring your own crystals.
-Skill buffs are allowed but no healing buffs or any other type.
-Charms are permitted
-Consumables are banned
-Noctenium Infusion are banned.
-STAY within the circle grounds, do not start fighting out of zone.
-Violation of these rules and/or banned skills requires a re-duel.
-Violation of 3 or more rules/banned skills you will lose your spot in the tournament immediatlely.

Brawler: Invigorating Rage
Sorcerer Mana Volley
Reaper Shadow Reaping
Lancer: Iron Will, Second Wind
Archer Feign Death
Slayers: ICB, Exhausting Blow
Warrior: Deadly Gamble


*This Ring in Ebon Tower Teleportal*
Summons, Scrolls, POI, will be provided!

At 5:00PM EST, I will start forming a raid of the participants. Ebon Tower scrolls will be sent to all participants + there will be priest summons during this time. I will organize the people, prizes and start randomizing the bracket. Once we have everyone, The bracket will be released online (just refresh the official Event Thread Post//this post). We will start off the dueling by introducing our first pair of participants and each round will be the best out of three.

First Place: 100k Gold
Second Place: 80k Gold
*All Participants will be recieving 1,000gold*

I will be hosting a quick intermission game before, during, and after the tournament. Word plays, tera lore, brain teasers, you name it. If you win a mini game you'll win tons of gold! So come participate and cheer on your favorite PvPer!

Our List of Participants/Subs

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