Bams Killing Place?

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Oh nevermind, I just read the event's FAQ. Haha, it only counts if you are killing BAMs of your same level or higher.
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Well ONLY plase for me is Argonea and Granakus. Because hunter credit.
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It's not about the boxes. We get boxes logging in, and the occasional box that drops. This even is not about the boxes. It's about killing BAMs at or higher than your level. That counts toward the kill total, which is how we unlock all the rewards/stores/2x credits/enchanters. Doesn't matter how many tokens we'll be getting if we don't unlock the stores. XD

Best of luck, y'all! <3
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Just to clarify, BAMs you kill from anywhere in the world count as long as they are equal or higher than your level.

Alliance BAMs count.

All BAMs have a chance to drop the box, Higher level BAMs have higher chance to drop. However as Aeline said, farming the boxes from lower BAM will not count to wards the event counter and you can't buy anything with the tokens if the stores are not unlocked :)
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Solarenemy on 08/27/2014, 12:39 AM - view
You may want to reread the idea behind this event it has already been explained in one thread but the idea is not about drops or what you can get. The idea is to kill the max number of BAMS possible to open the store at each tier so you can then spend the few coins you make.

The drop rate is low because it is not about drops this time. It is a new concept and many are having a hard time adjusting to the idea that this event is only about killing to make it to a certain tier based on the number of global kills.

^^ this exactly.