Best PVP class?

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Alrighty what is the best PVP 1v1 class in tera as of now because it used to be hands down slayer until they nefed the crap out of it when it became f2p. What is the best pvp 1v1 class besides mystic or preist?

I really like archers heard they are terrible pve but are awesome after their buff in pvp.

I know that equaly geared people a beserker can 1 hit you from back with fully charged thunderstrike.

Can an archer level 60 full equal pvp gear with someone 1 hit them with there most powerful attack?

How are they against healers because mystics seem impossible to kill on my slayer they just stun posion and teleport so i cant touch em except with low damage range attack.
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Warrior is the strongest 1v1 hands down. In 2nd would be a lancer in my opinion.
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As stated above Warrior's and Lancers are the two strongest classes in the 1v1 scenario.

Berserkers have the potential to one shot someone from behind with equal gear but the chances of them getting that off is generally pretty low. Berserker 1v1 relies on knockdown spam.

Archers can have the potential to one shot but generally don't get the chance to either in 1v1. It usually comes down from what I've seen rapid fire stagger and knock down shots from their charge skills.

If you really want a class which could one shot you a sorc who crits fireblast isn't a pretty sight in a 1v1.

As for archers against healers you can time rapid fire to completely stagger them out of healing themselves and such.