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Istede on 10/02/2015, 09:00 AM - view
It is heavy-handed and restricts peoples' freedom of expression. I don't think we should start expanding the list of banned words. Where does it stop? How about lynch, or shekel, or negro, or other words that CAN be used offensively?

If you see someone saying something you don't like, challenge them. Use your discretion and report things when it is appropriate. It is everyone's personal responsibility to stand up for what it right, that is not something you delegate to a system.

Someone who's been through a traumatizing experience like that-the last thing they're going to do or should HAVE to do is fight with someone about it. Everyone knows the type of person using it as a joke is thrashed in the head anyway and will most likely just continue to joke about it and use it even more because they enjoy the ~reaction.

My friend. Please listen to me. You're being quite stubborn about this and I feel you're greatly misguided. I'm trying to help you here, I'm literally handing you the wings to fly yourself into heaven with.

The internet is a very very predictable place. I know all about these types of people. You can't just tell them to not say it. They'll say it even more. They're here in this thread even, spamming it-finding different ways to type it. Look at that. Look at that and tell me again that it should be up to the victim to try talking them out of it. It won't work, right? It'll just stress that person terribly, right? Everyone has a right to play games. Foul or angelic. But if a medium cannot be met, if there is something that causes real tension and discomfort...that causes a paying customer to be reminded of the most awful thing they've ever gone through in life. It can't stay. The customer can't stop another customer from saying it. Only a GM can. GMs are busy. Banning can take time. It's much easier to just remove the word.

Freedom of expression is still here. You don't have to say the word rape. There are many other words around it. You don't NEED this word. Say destroy. Say attack. Say ravenge. Say BURN the gate! YOU DO NOT NEED that offensive word. You have MANY to choose from. You have MANY ways to EXPRESS yourself.

Only if you've got the mental dictonary of a 2 year old will you think you can no longer express yourself over 1 word being removed.
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Waitress on 10/02/2015, 08:52 AM - view
Last I checked, the OP of this thread didn't "demand" anything. All they did was post their frustration about seeing it when other messed up words are blocked. It was everyone else who began "demanding" once the GM agreed that it shouldnt be said either. Making an observation or pointing something out doesnt automatically mean it's being """"demanded"""" which I know people love to throw out that kind of tone when it comes to people speaking out about things that hurt them. Suddenly the victim is the aggressor who's infringing on poor poor edge-lords rights. How you can't see that is beyond me lol

As for reasons to say the word, there are none.
Let's not play dumb here. Please don't. I'm grown, I don't have time for it.
Don't pretend to me that there are justified reasons that people happily use everyday.

The reality is, no one ever says it when talking about a serious issue. If they're talking about that kind of thing from a place of unfortunate experience, they won't say it. It pains them to say it. They'll say everything AROUND it. It's an uncomfortable topic alright, it's not like saying the word "apples". "Creative writing" uh?? I'm guessing this has to do with story writers in CH or something...that's not appropriate either. It's not a romantic word/experience alright so can we stop pretending-like I really just...its not hard lmao. Why is it this hard. Why. You're really telling me you can't see why its inappropriate/effed up? Really? R e a l l y? You really think that the possibility of some saint using it in an ethical way should trump the reality that literally everyone else says it as an offensive "joke" ?

Come on.
Commme onnnn.
There's no way you actually believe this.
This is just a knee-jerk reaction just like people have over guns every time another mass shooting happens. You focus on your own unhurt feelings instead of the feelings of those it understandably damages. All for the sake of what. Censorship? Tera's been censored forever. One more word wont make a difference. Again, if you're fighting this hard to use it. This just says a lot about you.

The issue isn't about adding another word to the filter, its how easily En Masse is willing to add them just because OP is hurt by it when he/she isn't EVEN a victim of... Filtering a word doesn't teach anyone that its bad but punishment from disciplinary action should teach them a lesson.
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Protect people from seeing the word doesn't teach them not to use it. Bigger social problems involved, but it's not EME job to educate or teach. This is EME's house we play in, house rules apply first.

The words rape, drape or grape aren't necessary for game play. Removing them won't affect anything, unless it causes FPS, system performance issue from adding the word to filter. If it doesn't impact gameplay people don't really care.
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Wait... What makes you think I'm not a victim of it. I haven't said I am or not.
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I am very serious about people using terminal illnesses as jokes. If we are going to get words banned because they are offensive/insensitive, and aren't necessary, terminal illnesses should be on the list as well.

I might also suggest 'fat' and 'retard' as well...
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Then I guess I have the "mental dictionary of a 2 year old" because I value the absolute freedom of peaceful expression over protecting the sensibilities of some people. I understand on a VERY personal level what it is like to be hurt and offended when people say things without thinking or to just be mean-spirited. I don't think those hurtful things should be censored, and that is all.
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Istede on 10/02/2015, 09:47 AM - view
Then I guess I have the "mental dictionary of a 2 year old" because I value the absolute freedom of peaceful expression over protecting the sensibilities of some people. I understand on a VERY personal level what it is like to be hurt and offended when people say things without thinking or to just be mean-spirited. I don't think those hurtful things should be censored, and that is all.

I agree. I don't walk up to people with an airhorn and blow it every time someone says a word i don't like.

Just because I don't like it, doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to say it. I don't control you. I can control whether or not i want to listen to you, but i dont control what you are and are not allowed to say.

This isn't really about the word rape, its about people who rather force others to not say something than just ignoring/blocking/reporting because they want to clean up the place.

I was in a guild that tried to do this. People were choked in the way the could talk. You couldn't discuss:

Sexual Preference.
International Disputes.

Among other things because people would get #triggered and go on rants in guild chat. In the end the guild fell apart because people felt like they were being over controlled.

I can understand, it's only ONE word. It shouldn't be as big of a deal as it is. However, you are removing peoples right to say it.
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Opinions on this have been clearly stated and the conversation is getting more and more personal (and somewhat nasty). Given that, I'm locking this thread.