Can't make new characters?

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So I want to get rid of a couple of characters so that I have room on the pvp server to make a priest, but the characters I tried to delete are staying and it won't let me create any other characters because of this. I know that they are still there because they save your characters for a certain amount of time after just in case you make a mistake, but I don't really want to wait 146 hours and 52 minutes just so I can make a priest. Is there anyway to make this go faster?

The characters I am trying to delete are level 6 and 15, which also doesn't make any sense since they shouldn't stay if they are lower than level 39. I also only have 8 characters on the server at the moment, but it just won't let me get rid of these two.
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Open a support ticket or live chat.
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Level 6+ requires a 7 day timer to delete.

Minea has said that characters in deletion mode do not count towards your account total, although this seems to not be the case.