Celestial Hills Crashy McCrash.

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We are at Last boss whhm, wth is happening, 5 crashes!!!
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Lmao these 12 years old with their drama.
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Games on 10/19/2013, 07:32 PM - view
Are.. Are you even reading my posts...?

Stop going off topic, Meena and I have been laughing at this whole thing in Mumble since it happened. How can you be that mad over dying that you terminate a friendship over it :/.

And honestly, we didn't even know you were afk. The second we turned the corner and saw red you were basically dead. You would have died even if you weren't afk.

I'm sure you have been. You say it as if I highly value the friendships of people that rarely talk to me.
Just because Meena helped me MES one piece of gear doesn't mean Meena's suddenly my bestest friend forever. Was that kind of Meena? Yes. Did that make me like Meena more? Of course. Because that was polite and kind.
And if I wasn't AFK, wouldn't you think I'd have swiveled and at least moved? I'm not a completely non-perceptive idiot, as much as you guys like to believe everyone is, TERA's a third-person game. I'd see you guys from a mile away.
Thirdly, yes. I will terminate a friendship over being taunted after being dead, seeing as you guys clearly couldn't take the insult, but were fine with doing the insulting.
I'm going to ask you to pipe down now that I've given you a full, legitimate reason. Stop acting like you're a hotshot. Okay, dear?
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They terminated their friendship over a game :( Please real life
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En Masse is working to fix the servers... You guys don't have to be so up tight, just, occupy yourself elsewhere for the time being. ^^
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I just honestly stop when the other person does.
I'm patient enough for this.
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Divergence3 on 10/19/2013, 07:35 PM - view

But I thought that's the reason for playing on CH :o
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We are still investigating the cause of the crashes. I will update when we have any new information.
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