''Elins are better for pvp'' Truth or myth?

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I always hear people say this for three reasons: Elins apparently have ''faster'' animations. ''Elins reach further with their attacks''. ''Elins have smaller hitbox''. Is this actually proven true? Or just some made up MMO folklore created by the community? If so why would the developers make a race clearly better than the others? May aswell force everyone to play as Elin, or remove them from the game completely if they are THAT broken.
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Go to youtube. The proof is there. Also add one mor eto the list, elin traps proc faster.
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Most of it is just myths, but elin lancers do have better reach, and Elin sorcs I think have faster traps.

The most important thing is elin are 100% more effective at being cute, and that's all that really matters.
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Ryou on 12/26/2013, 12:51 PM - view
Most of it is just myths, but elin lancers do have better reach, and Elin sorcs I think have faster traps.

The most important thing is elin are 100% more effective at being cute, and that's all that really matters.

100% more effective at being bait more like. elins are too chibi for my tastes...i prefer femani or castanic women.
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Elins do have smaller hitboxes. IIRC, Popori have the same size hitbox, with female Castanics being barely any bigger. You can turn on hitboxes and view collision boxes if you tweak your inis.

Some Elin (and Popori) attacks do reach further. Easy example would be Thunderstrike ranges for Zerks. I think Popori have the longest range, followed by Elin, then I have no idea. I think male Amani and Baraka have shortest TS ranges, but don't quote me on that. The reason their ranges are longer is that they tend to do a sort of lunge on most of their animations, and animations/ranges really aren't standardized.

Some races have different attack animation durations for the same moves. For example, male HE Lancer has the fastest Shield Barrage animation. Femani Slayer WW is slower/longer than Castanic Slayers'.
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Further range on TS as a popori doesn't mean anything even if that's true.
Did you see the popori's TS animation? Comparing to female high elf it takes at least double the time for it to land, creating a large timeframe where you can simply stagger a popori zerk without TS landing AND it ending up being on CD.

The classes just like the game's engine are poorly optimized. A player should be able to choose his race by the lore/looks not because "hey, you can pick this dude, but that race gives you a better advantage".

IMO hitboxes, range, animations etc should be the same no matter which class you play, you have racial passives/abilities and it should stop on that.
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The impact of playing a larger class has more to do with players tunnel visioning to attack the big thing first regardless of class or threat level, than having a slightly larger hitbox.

Some of the classes have different skill animation characters that have trade offs such as longer reach, but can't hit another character touching yours. Race choice for these classes have been debated in the class sub forums extensively since before launch.
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Its true that elins are better for pvp only for their hitbox which is the same as castanic female, but honestly elins are not harder to hit then any other char, you just have to aim your skills lower. You will get used to hitting elins easy since everybody uses them now lol.
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The thing about traps activating faster is fixed and is no longer true, so as sorcerer elin has no advantage over other races.

As for zerk and l ancer, they got longer reach there, so those 2 are more advatnage.
as for archer, noticed kick is better than castanic, but not worth it otherwise, animations look stupid with that little kick they do, and popori anyways better for archerrrr also kick OP
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for many classes, elin have alot of advantages... for me the only class I'd say it doesnt matter much is healers and sorcs... being elin/popo on those classes is ideal because your reach doesnt matter, but the hit box can only help you... popo is the best archer because it has the fastest kick... but lancers and zerkers who arent elin are retarded. and tbh I think elin is the best race for slayers because of the huge range on HT and fury strike(furystrike alone is why i switch back to elin)