En Masse Observe! (About Censorship)

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------(Warning for those who are tired of the censorship threads or Elin thread viewer discretion is advised)----------

Now I've posted this in another thread. However I felt the need to separate this in to it's own thread to dive in to the subject a little Deeper.

>>>>Inb4 "your a pedophile you like the elin" comments

I do not favor playing the elin personally, but respect them in lore as elders. There is one thing I do not tolerate with every being in my body and that's CENSORSHIP. But I live in America and I am vastly out numbered by the idiots and religious conservatives....

This is a human child found in Tera

This is my human adult female standing next to the human child

This is K-Tera vs "Westernization" Tera

Let's not leave out the Homunculus Girl seen here

I can see why the Homunculus Girl was not censored because of it's bust size which depicts them as being "adult" because children do not have D-cups. (This can be argued however there's no why of arguing this point without sounding to idiots and religious like a pedo or loli lover... sadly) Also lets not forget that there are human adults out there with little to no breasts at all so saying that the Elin look like children is idiotic and ignorant.

Now for those Idiots that human child and the Elin are one and the same. However, the lore for the Elin point out that they are old and they also retain Elinu's image. So they are effectively adults. People who can think with reason and logic can see this when further exploring the subject instead of just yelling "OMG WHY IS THAT KID WEARING A THONG." We understand the censorship for this one, be it stupid. In the west we absolutely have to cater to the ignorant people or religious conservatives who can't decipher what reality is from fantasy yet take their reality and morality from a book (which if written today would be considered a fantasy novel) as old as one of those Elin and it was written by man... Moving on

This is an Uncensored Picture of Castanic Armor in K-Tera

As you can see you can barely see nipple and only can see the area around the nipple called the Areola. Still this armor covers a vast portion of the nipple there was no need to edit this armor. As of "westernization" This armor was censored.


This statue in Velkia is not censored and anyone can see it.

Now K-tera did censor a piece of armor seen here (This is censored)

This was Censored because the little diamond or star shaped nipple covers weren't there. it showed off all of the breast. A simple hard google search will turn up the original but I didn't feel like doing it.

My argument for this one was that, this is effectively a rated M for mature game meaning +18 and because of the blood, excessive violence, and suggestive theme plus it's in an Online environment so the experience may vary the ESRB will be forced to give it the M rating.

A few other games that got an M rating but still showed nudity are

Darkness 2: This game has a brothel scene with very graphic sex scenes and nudity as you walked by certain rooms.

Age of Conan: you could undress your female character down to nothing more then a thong with bare breasts.

Witcher 2: had Nudity and sex scenes

Saints row the third: though the nudity was blurred out the PC community fixed that and there is a huge purple [filtered] weapon you can hit people with and you can pickup hookers.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim: The PC community added nudity and in some cases excessive gore via mods.

So in closing I wonder if it's so hard to ask for a Nudity on/off button just like you have for the blood splatter.

Wear the M rating proudly and stop censoring the game I mean you didn't even add a button to removed the text censorship which can easily be removed with this simple step for those of you reading.

generally default in all Unreal Engine games.
Open S1Engine.ini in ..\TERA\Client\S1Game\Config\
bAllowMatureLanguage and change FALSE to TRUE so it looks like below:
(I can't remember which thread or who pointed this out but you know who you are)

As I said End internet censorship. express freedom of expression and give us an option to turn the nudity on or off so at least the easily offended wont get damaged by pixels...
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Sigh. I'm getting so tired of this crusade against "censorship". Just go play KTERA if you want to play the game in its pure, original form.
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I forgot to add that the High Elves, Castanic, Amani and Human females had armor that showed off nipple or areola... all those were censored.
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That Castanic picture is fake, I said before that a player here with their own Castanic female showed that there is no nipple showing on their character with the exact armor.

Also I said before that the player shop pet is hugely different, they have a huge chest.

And the implementation of a toggle, has been brought up many times, not going to happen.
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For the 1000th friggin time the nipple issue was a mod not censorship and even if it was it looks more like a friggin mole or pimple texture. There's simply nothing worth fighting over. The Elin changes are once again for the millionth time here to stay. At most you can ask for improved designs of the changes AND YOU HAVE NO HOPE OF ANYTHING BEYOND THAT. /repeatthread#1000000

p.s. really wish they'd bring back the old report button where you could type out the specific reason for reporting. Those 3 choices aren't enough.
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The nipple issue was a mod by a fan.
If you hate the censorship so much throw your money at the korean version of the game.
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I still sometimes get wood playing the censored beta.
There's still enough skin for me... censored or not.
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I'm sorry mods, but this NEEDS to be linked.

See how this is TERA-MODS, and the info stating it was removed from jp/eu/us is FAKE. Any ktera players mind chiming in.

so please....
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The original K-Tera had nudity.... The mod your speaking of was made by people here in the US go search the K-Tera Files and you'll see I've seen them side by side with my very own eyes
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TheCruzControl on 2012-03-04 06:20:27 UTC - view
The original K-Tera had nudity.... The mod your speaking of was made by people here in the US go search the K-Tera Files and you'll see I've seen them side by side with my very own eyes

No, they are fake.

I got many friends playing KTera while in wait for NA, there is no nipples on character models in game ANYWHERE