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Hello, everyone!

During the last several days we issued a series of daily challenges as a part of our anniversary celebrations. From the folks who've completed the challenges, we randomly selected 365 winners to commemorate TERA's first year with you. Congratulations to the winners and make sure to claim the prize from the character you want to use the weapon skin on!

Thank you all for being a part of the TERA community and remember to hold on to the receipt raffles!

Icegrip Winners

Aelia.Valekyr (Ascension Valley)
Aiunith (Ascension Valley)
Alwyn (Celestial Hills)
Alycias (Mount Tyrannas)
Angeloid.Pet.Class (Tempest Reach)
Apoollo (Lake of Tears)
Arktas (Ascension Valley)
Artam (Celestial Hills)
Athenaz (Celestial Hills)
Ay.Jay (Ascension Valley)
Bansheee.Queen (Tempest Reach)
Begraben (Mount Tyrannas)
Brizel (Valley of Titans)
Caldorine (Ascension Valley)
Cheezecakee (Mount Tyrannas)
Codoro (Tempest Reach)
Coldinfusion (Celestial Hills)
Corn.K (Mount Tyrannas)
Corvinust (Ascension Valley)
Crazyzerk (Ascension Valley)
Cypres (Lake of Tears)
Damimugly (Mount Tyrannas)
Dark.Edie (Mount Tyrannas)
Deveraux (Mount Tyrannas)
Donjah (Mount Tyrannas)
Doomhuntres (Tempest Reach)
Dr.Large (Mount Tyrannas)
Drenas (Celestial Hills)
Erosive (Mount Tyrannas)
Etsy (Valley of Titans)
Fated.Heroine (Mount Tyrannas)
Furnikarass (Celestial Hills)
Gadael (Mount Tyrannas)
Gargoyle (Celestial Hills)
Gobul (Tempest Reach)
Hahaluga (Tempest Reach)
Hakaielin (Valley of Titans)
Healious.Rapid (Mount Tyrannas)
Hellznova (Tempest Reach)
Hilonix (Tempest Reach)
Hydrolase (Tempest Reach)
Jed (Valley of Titans)
Justino (Tempest Reach)
Katalinne (Celestial Hills)
Killeenya (Tempest Reach)
Kona.Chan (Ascension Valley)
Korric (Ascension Valley)
Kyrary (Ascension Valley)
Lady.Prishe (Celestial Hills)
Lannister (Mount Tyrannas)
Last.Shogun (Mount Tyrannas)
Lastsorrow (Mount Tyrannas)
Lewds (Celestial Hills)
Lisse (Celestial Hills)
Loghinz (Ascension Valley)
Lolimancer (Mount Tyrannas)
Lovin (Tempest Reach)
Lyana (Mount Tyrannas)
Magical.Coin (Tempest Reach)
Neaira (Ascension Valley)
Okami.Amaterasu (Mount Tyrannas)
Parhelion.Logic (Valley of Titans)
Phaeris (Tempest Reach)
Prawn (Mount Tyrannas)
Primitivo (Tempest Reach)
Rashuna (Tempest Reach)
Roshel (Valley of Titans)
Rufilyn.Otterpop (Valley of Titans)
Saiya.Hazami (Celestial Hills)
Sak (Tempest Reach)
Saphiremist (Tempest Reach)
Sargitarius (Celestial Hills)
Scorn (Mount Tyrannas)
Sexmachine (Mount Tyrannas)
Sezbovich (Tempest Reach)
Sg.Kerrigan (Tempest Reach)
Shikyura (Ascension Valley)
Shinky (Valley of Titans)
Silver.Rain (Mount Tyrannas)
Spinal (Ascension Valley)
Spirit.Rose (Mount Tyrannas)
Statica (Valley of Titans)
Stay.Moist (Mount Tyrannas)
Summer.Rain (Celestial Hills)
Supersoaku (Tempest Reach)
Sylphid (Ascension Valley)
Tezlia (Tempest Reach)
Theberg (Mount Tyrannas)
Thunder.Pickle (Tempest Reach)
Tiny.Healbot (Ascension Valley)
Vegass (Tempest Reach)
Venrick (Mount Tyrannas)
Virgilios (Lake of Tears)
Vostro (Tempest Reach)
Watchyourback (Valley of Titans)
Wless (Mount Tyrannas)
Yakino (Ascension Valley)
Zaristin (Tempest Reach)
Zenee (Tempest Reach)
Zombie.Cat.Babu (Tempest Reach)

Icetouch Winners

A.Nni.E (Mount Tyrannas)
Adder.Of.Death (Mount Tyrannas)
Affordable (Tempest Reach)
Afrostar (Lake of Tears)
Agrippina (Mount Tyrannas)
Aisite (Ascension Valley)
Alanita (Celestial Hills)
Alexandriya (Mount Tyrannas)
Alley.Cat (Ascension Valley)
Amaeldra (Tempest Reach)
Amgkitty (Ascension Valley)
Ampy (Tempest Reach)
Ane (Mount Tyrannas)
Angelic.Bladewalts (Tempest Reach)
Archaedan (Valley of Titans)
Aris.Foebane (Celestial Hills)
Arkerinha (Valley of Titans)
Arrowrain (Lake of Tears)
Arseniya (Tempest Reach)
Arymoya (Tempest Reach)
Autumn.Rayne (Lake of Tears)
Avuras (Tempest Reach)
Babadinha.Blue (Ascension Valley)
Baladas (Mount Tyrannas)
Barlok (Mount Tyrannas)
Belgo (Mount Tyrannas)
Bembem (Valley of Titans)
Bimbo (Lake of Tears)
Blood.Thisrty (Celestial Hills)
Bloodwater (Mount Tyrannas)
Boomdaddy (Valley of Titans)
Borgot (Tempest Reach)
Canor (Celestial Hills)
Captainwiggles (Tempest Reach)
Carceron (Valley of Titans)
Carizzi (Mount Tyrannas)
Catastor (Tempest Reach)
Cattie.Bree (Ascension Valley)
Cenalla (Celestial Hills)
Cheetara (Lake of Tears)
Chharly (Lake of Tears)
Controverse.BC (Mount Tyrannas)
Cornyflakey (Lake of Tears)
Creebus (Mount Tyrannas)
Cruel.Lamia (Tempest Reach)
Crusadurus (Tempest Reach)
Cutebruiser (Tempest Reach)
Darakai (Tempest Reach)
Darkmoon.Baron (Mount Tyrannas)
Davalkina (Celestial Hills)
Davine (Celestial Hills)
De.Wiit (Lake of Tears)
Dechik (Lake of Tears)
Deirdrea (Celestial Hills)
Dekkomori (Lake of Tears)
Deluxe (Valley of Titans)
Dernarrus (Ascension Valley)
Devilsbiatch (Ascension Valley)
Diano (Celestial Hills)
Diis (Mount Tyrannas)
Diligo (Tempest Reach)
Disert (Celestial Hills)
Doinudirty (Valley of Titans)
Draconicus (Valley of Titans)
Ebanessa (Valley of Titans)
Egwenez (Ascension Valley)
Eindzhel (Celestial Hills)
Ekleh (Ascension Valley)
Elaine.Iole (Celestial Hills)
Elidan (Valley of Titans)
Elizabeth.Braveheart (Celestial Hills)
Ellas (Mount Tyrannas)
Enietuu (Ascension Valley)
Epictrix (Tempest Reach)
Ester.Of.Woodrosin (Mount Tyrannas)
Eunji (Lake of Tears)
Eve.Nightshade (Valley of Titans)
Exelaithe (Mount Tyrannas)
Ezekeel (Mount Tyrannas)
Fearandpain (Mount Tyrannas)
Femto.Hobo (Tempest Reach)
Fishka (Mount Tyrannas)
Flisky (Celestial Hills)
Foe (Ascension Valley)
Fragmental (Celestial Hills)
Garthal (Mount Tyrannas)
Garthy (Mount Tyrannas)
Gavrilo (Lake of Tears)
Generation.X (Celestial Hills)
Gohan (Mount Tyrannas)
Goujian.Ayane (Celestial Hills)
Gromar (Tempest Reach)
Guillak (Tempest Reach)
Gypsy.Moon (Mount Tyrannas)
Hailey.Quinn (Celestial Hills)
Hashmal (Ascension Valley)
Haterade (Celestial Hills)
Hcmx.Niro (Tempest Reach)
Healerjaevel (Mount Tyrannas)
Hells.Rayne (Mount Tyrannas)
Hioyeon (Tempest Reach)
Hollz (Lake of Tears)
Holost (Tempest Reach)
Hoshi.Leurer (Mount Tyrannas)
Imperial.Lynx (Ascension Valley)
Innocous (Tempest Reach)
Iolicon (Celestial Hills)
Iris (Mount Tyrannas)
Ishtari (Mount Tyrannas)
Jacintto (Mount Tyrannas)
Jamiee (Mount Tyrannas)
Jane.Dark (Lake of Tears)
Jimmy (Ascension Valley)
Jiraph (Mount Tyrannas)
Join (Celestial Hills)
Kanh (Mount Tyrannas)
Katacomb (Tempest Reach)
Khaila (Tempest Reach)
Kineri (Tempest Reach)
Kinggeiko (Celestial Hills)
Kisekiyo (Tempest Reach)
Klisia (Lake of Tears)
Kradbull (Mount Tyrannas)
Kristalf (Lake of Tears)
Krupskaja (Mount Tyrannas)
Kumi.Kurai (Celestial Hills)
Kyomui (Tempest Reach)
Kytes (Tempest Reach)
Lady.Draca (Valley of Titans)
Laserius (Ascension Valley)
Lazyviet (Celestial Hills)
Lemons (Valley of Titans)
Lemoryxx (Ascension Valley)
Lichtgestalt (Tempest Reach)
Liqquid (Mount Tyrannas)
Lookerr (Mount Tyrannas)
Lord.Tormenta (Valley of Titans)
Lordzaynmalik (Tempest Reach)
Loser (Mount Tyrannas)
Lucho (Tempest Reach)
Lucyle (Celestial Hills)
Maka.Soul (Tempest Reach)
Malaika.Ellavorn (Mount Tyrannas)
Maruja (Tempest Reach)
Metallia (Celestial Hills)
Michis (Ascension Valley)
Miss.B.Havin (Tempest Reach)
Missjuju (Valley of Titans)
Mizz.Doom (Tempest Reach)
Mo.Hax (Ascension Valley)
Moral (Lake of Tears)
Mordicuxx (Celestial Hills)
Morrigane (Celestial Hills)
Mreow (Valley of Titans)
Mythologia (Ascension Valley)
Nebelung (Valley of Titans)
Negotiable.Affection (Mount Tyrannas)
Neoflux (Celestial Hills)
Nightvoid (Mount Tyrannas)
Nilan (Mount Tyrannas)
Nirinn (Tempest Reach)
Nommix (Mount Tyrannas)
Nuclear.Fusion (Mount Tyrannas)
Nyddia (Tempest Reach)
O.G.Shnuggles (Mount Tyrannas)
Odrik (Tempest Reach)
Onta (Celestial Hills)
Outofmana (Valley of Titans)
Overseer (Lake of Tears)
Paradise.Lost (Ascension Valley)
Paste (Mount Tyrannas)
Pathoth (Mount Tyrannas)
Pimousse (Mount Tyrannas)
Pooof (Tempest Reach)
Popo.Magic (Valley of Titans)
Prohibited (Ascension Valley)
Promis (Valley of Titans)
Qingjin (Mount Tyrannas)
Qix (Celestial Hills)
Rabbitsoup (Mount Tyrannas)
Raitaro (Mount Tyrannas)
Raiyu (Tempest Reach)
Raizo.X (Tempest Reach)
Rasec (Lake of Tears)
Rebzz (Mount Tyrannas)
Red.Bean (Ascension Valley)
Red.Queen (Tempest Reach)
Rei.chan (Celestial Hills)
Ripsaw (Lake of Tears)
Riverstix (Ascension Valley)
Rocket.Pocket (Tempest Reach)
Rockstar.Orange (Tempest Reach)
Rozhack (Tempest Reach)
Ruby (Tempest Reach)
Rulka (Lake of Tears)
Rynnie (Ascension Valley)
Ryozo (Valley of Titans)
Ryunakamura (Celestial Hills)
Sarath (Celestial Hills)
Sciath (Tempest Reach)
Seieiryu (Valley of Titans)
Seraphick (Mount Tyrannas)
Shaded.Oak (Ascension Valley)
Shadowind (Ascension Valley)
Shayakugan (Tempest Reach)
Sheyka (Celestial Hills)
Shiaoyu (Tempest Reach)
Shochsana (Lake of Tears)
Sinasha (Tempest Reach)
Sindina (Celestial Hills)
Skarnak (Ascension Valley)
Skheith (Tempest Reach)
Skilliard (Tempest Reach)
Skyraw (Lake of Tears)
Snowblade (Lake of Tears)
Snowypup (Tempest Reach)
Somek (Mount Tyrannas)
Sup (Ascension Valley)
Syiniyed (Tempest Reach)
Tam (Lake of Tears)
Tarcan (Valley of Titans)
Tastty (Ascension Valley)
Tazcat (Tempest Reach)
Tealuu (Valley of Titans)
Teddii (Tempest Reach)
Termosina (Lake of Tears)
Tethered (Mount Tyrannas)
Thasuzum (Mount Tyrannas)
The.Unseen (Ascension Valley)
Thealumni (Tempest Reach)
Tonberrion (Ascension Valley)
Travesh (Tempest Reach)
Trecares (Lake of Tears)
Turuk (Mount Tyrannas)
Tyat (Tempest Reach)
Unknowm (Celestial Hills)
Valkaloz (Lake of Tears)
Van.Nostrand (Ascension Valley)
Vandnt (Tempest Reach)
Velaryn (Ascension Valley)
Velisea (Mount Tyrannas)
Velouria (Celestial Hills)
Victorine (Mount Tyrannas)
Virginsnow (Lake of Tears)
Vitamin.Cereal (Mount Tyrannas)
Vyno (Mount Tyrannas)
Wandy (Ascension Valley)
Warth (Tempest Reach)
Weebles (Mount Tyrannas)
Wensly (Mount Tyrannas)
Weor (Valley of Titans)
White.Lollipop (Valley of Titans)
Wolki (Valley of Titans)
Wrende (Tempest Reach)
Xapuppyx (Ascension Valley)
Xhalcyon (Lake of Tears)
Yin (Tempest Reach)
Yuhan (Ascension Valley)
Yvette (Tempest Reach)
Zarkos (Mount Tyrannas)
Zilong (Lake of Tears)
Zippzapp.Ruebe.Ab (Mount Tyrannas)
Zsdryery (Tempest Reach)
Zumira (Mount Tyrannas)
Zydonis (Tempest Reach)
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i lol @ rng when there are only 3 icegrips going to LoT....
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Foojabi Lvl.65
Tempest Reach (PVE)
Castanic Slayer
theres goes that....
Asploit Profile Options #5


Thread has wrong title.
Actual title is:
"List of people you all hate"
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Skilliard Lvl.65
Tempest Reach (PVE)
Aman Lancer
Woot icetouch!

brotip: use control+f to locate your name or a friend's to chekc quickly
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Waah! I didn't win T_T
otaku2013 Profile Options #8


another RNG failure... can we get on to some actual KN news please...
Lunaus Profile Options #9


Lunaus Lvl.65
Celestial Hills - Roleplay (PVE)
Elin Sorcerer
Why did you go the route most F2P go (the ones I've played)? Where you get FREE items that are unique to users who have been with you a year or longer, I don't mind contests along with it but your servers are pretty [filtered] and its pretty hard to do a contest when you can't even patch.
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Jarvan Lvl.65
Tempest Reach (PVE)
Elin Lancer
damnit, didn't win.