Fresh 60; Questions About End-Game Gear and Plants

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Hello, I've been playing TERA since around Feb 2013 and finally hit 60 on my Warrior on Halloween. A couple of questions about end-game gear.

What are the main set names? Like VisionMaker, Conjunct, Nightforge, etc.?
What's good for PvE?
What's good for PvP?

Right now I'm just using regular gear, but I'm interested in getting [a lot] better gear.


Now about plants... How would I go about getting 5,000+ Luria Fibers like this guy? I need to make potions because I solo a lot. Thanks for the help, TERA community.

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How about using the search function?
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hi I can speak for PVEgears since I don't do PVP a lot...

I would say u should start with any T13 gear u can get from TB or u can also purchase the fraywind set with Bellicarum points (i got the fraywind), then start farming Jax trust dailies till u have full Jax set, it's T14 set but it is not upgradeable, is very good compared to other T13 sets so i wouldn't really bother going for other old T13 sets (Regent, mayhem, etc), u really should aim for a full WH gear set (unless u have tons of gold then u can even go for Nightforge but i don't think so since u are new)....

so after u got a full Jax set do the folowing instances

Kezzel Gorge --- > farm molten tokens --- > exchange them for Steadfast gear
WH NM --- > steadfast gears drop as loot
WH HM -- > WH gear drops as loot

up the steadfast gear to +6 min (+9 is also cheap to achieve) and as soon as u get WH gear replace steadfast with it, do not mw or +12 steadfast because i kinda see it as a transitory set, WH is the set u should aim for so save all ur MES/ext alk for that.
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Congrats on 60! There was a community spotlight on a level 60 guide from teratoday. Hopefully that'll help a little :)
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about the plants, the guy is obviously botting/macro to getting plants, if you are stupid to believe that he sat there for hours picking plants one by one, be my guess lol.
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It's also not a very effective means of making money for the time investment...
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Thanks for the friendly help, everybody! The level 60 guide is exactly what I'm looking for. I've got a lot to learn and do and look forward to it!
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If you are looking for extra plants some mobs drop them in the open world. I don't remember which ones exactly but its not hard to get a decent number of fibers just by grinding mobs for gold and sell-able items.
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How about using the search function?

Apparently you've never used the search function yourself. If you had, you'd know how absolutely useless it is.
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1.) Sell all your Extensive Alk
2.) Buy Abyss
3.) Do WHNM for Steadfast
4.) Do WHHM for WH Gear
5.) Grind CS for Strikeforce
6.) Go to Velika outskirts and duel while waiting for queues.