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KingCulex on 03/28/2014, 08:00 AM
The current prices in the federation bill store and the amount of federation bills you get with purchasing emp makes it a joke as a bonus. The federation bills will be basically worthless if they do not add other ways to get them into the game because it would be cheaper to use the emp to purchase an account wide mount than one of the mounts in the federation bill store.

Which they already said they will, probably as weekend events or as part of holidays (because its always nice to know there is one item everyone in the game can enjoy and won't immediatly turn around and put in the broker)

Like somebody else in the thread said, the Fed Bills are not the main point of your purchase, they are an added gift to the purchase of EMP as an incentive (just as much as the bonus EMP from buying in bulk is an incentive), they are better than T-Cat coins in the fact that they are non tradeable (or the broker would already be full of them) and that our broker won't take them as payment instead of gold like it does in Korea.