How to get 5k points for the Halloween Event.

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This was very well put together and laid out very nicely, thank you for posting!

Ultimately, as it is now it's very difficult to get (at most I think I've gotten) 3700 points. Even with misfire problems aside, trying to manage to get a SECOND Hollowbones to respawn is just insane. At the very least, lowering the achievement requirements from say, 5000 to 4000 points would be the easiest fix. Fixing the cannons and doing that would be achievable, possible. Right now it's just a mess and even if the cannons fired 100% of the time and did a slight bit more dmg (5% I think it was) the whole thing is just not enjoyable.
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This just leaves me with 1 question...

Since mobs do keep respawning, what the hell is the time bonus at the score screen? :/
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Zura on 10/23/2013, 02:56 PM - view
I hope the hotfix also fixes blanks in Corsair's. -.-

I've played 300~ games of CS and never once had a blank fire in any cannon.
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Swiftwinter on 10/24/2013, 11:50 AM - view
I've played 300~ games of CS and never once had a blank fire in any cannon.

Me neither, tho I would like to see it. I hate those cannons!
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I've had the odd blank shot in CS . . .
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The CS blank shot doesn't happen ALL the time like with this event but it does indeed happen from time to time (down voting that guy for saying it happens was dumb).
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blue pill for the cannons
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Carloss on 10/24/2013, 03:44 AM - view
Just how smart Koreans are to discover this scares me.

We would have as well, if it were achievable here. The chances of making it to that stage is close to impossible lol
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thanks for the guide ^^
I made my own guide about this event but ppl don't seem to believe me. my high score is around 3800 points and I have 2 screen shots of over 3600 points.
My party was even able to see the 2nd hallowbones but we didn't had time to kill him. but it seem like not only hallowbones spawns but the riders too. I had a run where we killed hallowbones at 1:28 and I'm not sure about the time of the riders. but in the end, we had 3500 points, and there was a new rider already on the field and hallowbones was already visible but not at shoot range. it's actually not that difficult to get those burns. you just need to be consistent. if you are consistent killing ghosts, then eventually you're gonna get it. you have 5 tries per day... imagine 10 days, using 2 chars. that would be 100 tries. I got 2 burns in a row more then just a few times... I even got 3 burns in a row, but you need to be consistent at killing ghosts.

this event is not as much rng based as ppl think and they don't seem to accept that you have to kill the ghosts. that really makes me sad...

PS: I really hope that eme doesn't make it too easy after the "fix". I think that only fixing the cannon problem would make it possible to get 5k.
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Here's an update on the Halloween Event in 23.04.03 patch. It should definitely help with reaching 5000 points :)

Halloween Event
- Increased damage from the cannons in the Harvest Festival Hall.
- Cannons in the Festival Hall now fire fewer blank shots.