I cant access the in game store, it just keeps on refreshing.

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It just goes white for a sec and then refreshes, while it is refreshing, I cant type anything on any other programs, sometime it doesn't even load up the store page, and the store window is smaller than it should be. I just started this game, and it is my first time trying to open the store. Does any one also have the same problem?
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rarely, it loads up as a correct sized window, but it just doesn't show the list of categories on the left.
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I know a few people that have random issue with the in-game store. It seems to have something to do with the web technology they're using and some unknown conflict on some computers.

One alternative if you're having trouble is just to use their web store instead:

All the contents are the same and it gets delivered to your Item Claim in-game in just the same way.
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Well, the problem is I got 40 bucks in my steam wallet and I want to buy emp with that, and the only way that works is with the in game shop.
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Okay, in that case, maybe the best thing is to contact Support and see if they have any suggestions on how to work around the problem. I don't remember seeing a workaround posted on the forum so far, but maybe someone knows... I did just test it through Steam and it's working here, so I think it's just this sporadic glitch that some people have for some reason.
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ok, problem solved, i just restarted the game and entered it again, then i realized that the last two time I opened the game up it didn't show the welcome message, i think this is just a bug.Thx
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You do not need to wait for the categories to load in if you want to purchase EMP with your Steam wallet. As long as you can see the "Buy EMP" button in the store, you should be able to launch the Steam EMP purchase flow. You can then use the web store to purchase items if you are still having trouble with the in-game store.

My team is still working on tracking down why some people are having trouble with viewing the in-game store.