K-Tera new update, "Alliance"

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#1. Massive Update "Alliance"
1. Outline and Purpose
-"Alliance" system will be focused on quarrel over continental dominance in guild-sized unit.
-Centered at three main cities (Velika, Alle, Kaitor), a base of conflict and cooperation between guilds is provided.

Chain of Command
(Under)A Consul = Invasion Commander, Defense Commander, Supply Commander
(Under)All three commanders = Elite Alliance Members

2. Center of Alliance
-"Nokteum" or "Nok-tium(Green-tium)" (literally pronounced) will be a name of resource that is center of alliance and is arguably most important. "Nokteum" can be obtained from killing monsters in the field and make "Nokteum"-Soulshot(like Lineage2 ).
-"Nokteum" is used with skills and is consumed once skill is used. This increases the power and cool time and casting time.

2. Territory Invasion Battle: Tera-style Siege

-A major activity in order to become Consul and realistically The Territory invasion Battle will be what determines the next Consul.
-Office of Consul is not electoral voted and automatically picked by contributiveness and there are many ways to contribute.
-When Guild joins Alliance and proceeds with Alliance Quest; or steal opponent's Nokteum, or any activity that has to do with alliance will raise "contribution points". Amongest of all, the most points are obtainable through Territory Invasion Battle.
-Basic Territotry Invasion Battle Guideline
1. Guerila style resource stealing or stopping resource stealing.
2. Invading opponent's post and defense of post; in order to paralyze Consul's role.
3. The most remarkable guild in Territorial Invasion Battle will be elected Consul.
-Consul's role is signficantly increased compare to past vanarch system, and because it is territorial, tax revenue reflects such increase in role.
4. Consul can use Consul's "authority", this provides beneficial buff to Alliance members.
5. We are working on balance issue of this buff.

2. Flow of Alliance
Consul (Policy) = Alliance Territory (Tax) Mutual Relation
Consul (Authority) = Elite Alliance Member: Guilds (Elected from contribution points) Mutual Relation
Consul (Appoint) = Commanders One-sided Relation
Consul + Commanders + Elite Alliance Members = Alliance

Elite Alliance Member == alliance Posts (Noktenum, Contribution Points) One-sided Relation
Elite Alliance Member (Contribution Points) == Opponent's Posts (Invasion Battle) Mutual Relation

4. Alliance's Objective
Users form massive organization and variety of events can naturally occur based on this Alliance system.

#2. Raid and Massive PVP system"
1. 10 man raid Sorcerer's Fortress - that heavily involves "tactics"

2. 20 man raid Kelsaid's Sacred Place - that has new balance and new items

3. 20 man raid "Kamai's" Dungeon

4. Alliance-only instance dungeon (Alliance Training Center) - "Balona(Balrona)'s dice"

5. Massive PvP ground "Battleground of Fire" 20 v 20 Battleground including siege equipment and utilizing siege equipment.

[Global] : Sylvanas

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[img]image link goes here[/img]

Just right click an image, click 'view image', and put the forum code around the link.

Also for the 3rd raid it should be scalable difficulty, can do both 10 and 20 man versions. Least that's what my translation of it got.

Also after xmas is up I have a feeling the mods are going to crack down on all these threads with locks / deletes, so do you mind posting all your info / translations in my thread as well?
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If this in fact does come to NA - Tera in a somewhat timely manner, what a great addition.

It will end up being a 3 faction OWPvP game, based on which Alliance you are on? Do I read this correct?

Small guilds and PuGers are going to cry to no end, but I suppose you can't please everyone. 20v20 BG I don't care about. BG's suck IMO. Persistent Open World Objectives and territory struggle is the best PvP.

I hope they don't make it to dependent on Seige Equipment. Nobody likes being shoved into a catapult all the time, because they play a class that isn't FOTM.

Anyways - I am very interested to see how this plays out. How BHS splits every player on a server in 3rds, so it is not always 150 vs 25 in the open world.
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Now where are all those people syaing BHS doesn't listen and that we need content? :p Looking forward to this arriving here:3

Any big changes like this will almsot always come over to NA. We would only skip over the small insignificant ones that apparently is BG/Agnitor price reductions.
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The first looks a lot like AIKA's political system, I love it.
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I'm not too keen on whatever weird political system they have there.
Either I'm not understanding it propperly, or it just seems annoying.

I do like the new dungons though, they all seem to be raids, which is nice. A more complex Kelsaik... That should be fun.
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This looks amazing. From the sounds of it guilds join one of 3 alliances and help it in battles? I wonder if individual members will be rewarded for playing it too.

Also lots of large raids to appeal to those who like large battles. NT was easy but I imagine these will be much more difficult.
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Is territory invasion open world?

That's about the only content that won't go ignored.

All those raids are going to be empty while everyone grinds their gold though, shame, they look awesome.
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Brascus on 12/26/2012, 09:44 AM - view
Is territory invasion open world?

That's about the only content that won't go ignored.

All those raids are going to be empty while everyone grinds their gold though, shame, they look awesome.

Why would they be empty? I presume they're going to be the new endgame. The new Kelsaik will probably replace queen as the hardest dungon.
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vicereine on 12/26/2012, 12:08 AM - view
Content Update

Thanks for the info! Idk why its hard for enmasse to announce future updates offically (sigh)
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