Ktera GO post: Alliance can go to (insert word here)

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Brom2855 on 09/11/2015, 03:21 PM - view
I didn't know one of the IoD npcs is a super summoner o.O

All of those old nexus priests have gotta go somewhere.
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Thank you Espei for your continued work on these translations. They are always helpful and insightful for the community.
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I don't get what are you complaining about guys ?
WE the community cried in class forums for balances ,
we are getting balance patches .

WE the community asked for less lag in instances .
Less lag in instances patch is coming .

WE the community asked for new things .
And we are getting a new game activity .

I find it really sad that we get exactly what we asked for and we still complain (i m using WE to mean us as a community )

Diabetes420 on 09/11/2015, 10:28 PM - view
Every single one of your posts make me feel like you're a [filtered] player with no skill and get rejected by pugs 24/7

i don't appreciate your skill on violating multiple rules in one single post.

Keep discussion on topic and personal things on private messages .
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Cant wait for this! =D
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Hi all,

Please follow the forum rules and stop the personal attacks. If attacks continue, the thread will be locked.
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Gonna miss the old Island of Dawn :( Hurry and go take your screenshots now!
But I am interested in this solo thing. I might use it in a way such as completing all the dungeon runs for the day and then going there.
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Looking forward to as well, I just hope it's both challenging and rewarding. No Bams that die in less than 3 min and plenty of BAM variety.

I miss soloing old dungeons, you got rewarded for those and they were a great way to solo grind back in the day, rly hope new island can have the same feeling of personal reward.