Manual Patch?

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First off, I'd like to apologize if this is in the wrong subsection of the forums.

I was having problems patching my Tera on the 5th (I have been actively trying to find a solution for the past 4 days) and the only thing left to do on both their list and all the other troubleshooting threads I've found is a manual patch. I downloaded the manual patch from the link they keep giving out to people with a similar problem (checksum error) and I move it to my Tera folder (Default installation) then run the launcher. It goes through its "checking download" process then seems to ignore the fact it already has the patch folder there and then downloads it again. Is there something that could be causing this, or is it the launcher just bugging out? I have absolutely horrid download speeds through the launcher (I had 10+ MB/s before it went F2P and I was on a trial, now it's under 200 KB/s). Is there a fully patched version of Tera out there on a Torrent of some sort?

I have also run the launcher in debug mode multiple times and replaced all the files it thought was corrupted with a friends clean install of the current patch. I have no clue what could be causing the launcher to keep wanting to redownload the patch every time even though it recognizes it has something already there (why else would it "check download"?).

This is tremendously aggravating seeing as the solutions that are supposed to fix the issue are just causing more issues on top of the original one.
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I installed the -1to29 patch, but now it's downloading another file. Is the a place I can go to download this other (still really big file, really slow speed) file?
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Hard question to answer since not everyone is having this problem. I spent yesterday downloading the entire game again to see if i could recreate the issue, and, sadly, i was downloading @ 3.0mb+ on speeds. I was able to drop speed to +/- 2mb with an active torrent session. What could be causing YOUR specific issues are hard to pin-point. Do you have other devices on your internet? Phones? Tablets? Are you using WIRELESS to download (WiFi, etc)? So many "if" to make a direct answer.

I can not say "you did something wrong" but because the forums are not spammed with this problem, i can only suggest you evaluate your internet connection again and fix the issues.
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My internet is fine. I download things through steam at 2-3 MB/s (I redownloaded borderlands 2 this morning, for example, at 2.5MB steady.) yet my Tera is still at 500 KB (It's sped up sense last night)

I was asking more for an alternate download for the second file after the -1to29 patch (Not sure if there is one) and if it's just my launcher bugging out causing it to want to download the same file over and over again.

EDIT: And no, it's not anything hogging up my bandwidth. I went and checked all the computers in the house and only other things on it are my phone and my mothers and those aren't trying to download or anything either (Even if they were I doubt it could sap nearly 2MB/s download speed for more than 24 hours)
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