New Elins-Only Class Revealed. (Updated with Details)

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Translated link (Courtesy of Espei from TeraToday):


Edit3: The information given below have name conflicts with Espei's post, and after having looked over it I feel that it is much more elegant than the bits I came up with. I would've erased my post but decided against that just in case some names used in number of people's posts become ambiguous. Please refer to the translated link posted above for the information about this class.

Edit: Now that I've got some sleep, here are some translations as to what this class is about.

Flying Scythe-user (Yeah, this sound so much better on Korean than on English)
- This class uses mid-ranged flying scythe weapon and dark magic.
- Can only be created if the player owns a level 40 character, but when you create her, she starts as a level 50 character.

- The story revolves around an invasion on Pora Elinu by a horde of Orcans from "Twilight Nest" during the Argon Wars, burning the Tree of Life and causing Lida Elin to an exile. These new classes are the "mercenaries" of an unknown elin.
- There is a speculation that this mysterious elin is the third elin princess, Syona Elin. Her role in the Argon Wars is detailed in "Chronicles of The Argon War" (Lore fanatic would recognize this book).

She has the following skills (Translations for skill names are very rough)

Flying Scythe (FS) Combo Attack - Basic attack.

FS Overhand Strike - A chained attack that attacks frontal enemies.

FS Stunning Strike - Attacks enemy from the air to stun it.

Dark Explosion - Causes dark energies to explode around the user, causing massive damage.

Reversed Leash - Throws a chain at an enemy and fly towards them.

FS Cutter - A chained attack that cuts enemy in half.

FS Flail - Whips FS around to damage enemies near her.

FS Upper Strike - Attacks frontal enemies and uses the reaction force to jump back.

Retaliate - Same thing as usual Retaliate.

FS Final Strike - A chained attack that gathers dark enemy before striking forward to cause large explosion.

FS Spinning Blades - Spins the FS around to attack enemies at mid-range.

Dark Whip - Whips around magical whips rapidly to restore MP.

Darkness Advent - Reduces CD of all FS skills.

In addition, she also has the following "Signature Moves":

Dark Shield (Passive) - Ignores a hit that would otherwise kill her.

Counter - Ignores an enemy attack and counterattacks.

Flash Dash - Basic dodge, can be used twice in a row.

Position Exchange - Changes location with the targetted enemy.

In addition to the class details above, there will be costumes restricted only for FS users, ranging from cloth-looking armor to heavier looking ones.

As well, two new hairs and faces are added. These are usable for all elins.

Thoughts and comments are welcome. Let the proper, informed discussion begin.

Edit 2: Forgot an important detail - The publisher of KTera announced that they will be increasing the character slot to 12, to accommodate people who already has 8 characters in their account.
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I would really like to see what the text actually says.

Also it has a different icon for retaliate.
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a berzerker with a chain instead of a pole...
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New hairstyle, new running animation, something tells me all warriors will make the change for this new class
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omg she look so bad [filtered]...... im so excited about this! i hope we get it really fast! i want to play her!
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I can't wait to make mine a White Lion cub,....that dragon one looks eh...
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If you notice, when you click on the video, the file name is called Dark Elin :S and her eyes are 2 different colors too
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Looks fair and balanced.
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This elin is completely different from the others, she has a "don't look at me or i'll kill you" face with one red eye and one blue eye, and you can give her horns??? new tail style too and a new idle animation. I do hope the other elins get this treat, otherwise it would be unfair that only 1 elin gets to have new hairstyle, ears and tail.
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Elin-only? That's really freaking stupid.