Ninja-/ Auto-Subscription?

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I play Tera with founder status and I had no intention at this time to get elite.
Now I was really shocked when I received an email from Paypal, saying "my payment has been sent" to DigitalRiver... my first thought was that I got hacked or something...

But there was another mail from Enmasse, containing an invoice and it says:
"Your TERA: Rising elite status has been successfully renewed."

Now, how can it be "renewed" if I wasn't even subscribed before?
The last month before Tera went f2p, I used a Krono, which extended my account until
Feb. 7th-ish.
The whole February was free and I intended to leave it this way, but all of the sudden I am subscribed again?

Sorry guys, I just don't want this at this time. -_-
There is gonna be a chargeback, which will create further costs for me plus now I fear my account will be blocked due to the chargeback, like they do over at EQ2...

I hope someone can help me with this, I don't want my account busted or anything...
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I suggest you immediately queue for live chat to try and have this resolved.
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why the forums ? when you have a problem with your account you file a ticket. All accounts where left on auto renew. There was nothing ninja about it. You just forgot to turn it off. Every time you logged in the date it was going to renew was right there on the screen.

File a ticket and see if they'll help you, or charge it back through paypal if that's the way you want to go.
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I tried live chat first, but they open in 4 hours and under "file a ticket" it said answering will take 7 days...
So I guess I was kinda hoping that someone from the team might be around here and help me with this.

Also, the "ninja" wasn't intended to be bad or anything.
Maybe you're right Damonville and I really just didn't see it but I was pretty sure that I cancelled and used a Krono and there were no subscription plans going on. That's why I'm confused and I really hope they can help me.

On a plus side, someone else might have overlooked this like I did - now they are aware and can check on it. ;)
Really didn't mean to rant or something.
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Elite status renewed ?
I didn't approve any renew in my account, today i chek my email and got the surprise you took $14.99 USD for an automatical renew elite status i never ask for (btw i never used automatical renews in Tera and i play since the close beta). I cancell the Elite status just minutes ago and now i demand a refund of my money. This situation is very disapointing. I sent a ticket already.
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This happened to me as well. I've was using chronoscrolls for months and now I'm suddenly subscribed again. I'm not going to make a fuss over $15 but I do consider it very shady business practice.
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Did you ever put in your billing information to purchase EMP since the change over? If so then, EME has your information saved. Your account automatically renews because you at one point even using CHRONOSCROLLS (I don't know what the hell a Krono is) is a legacy account and is on an auto-renew subscription.

New players who weren't grandfathered into the system don't have this auto-renew feature. They have to purchase Elite status a la carte.

I'm sorry you didn't know that your account would auto-renew. I knew this already without even thinking about it since it was stated that we would have this feature before the transition to F2P. I even knew the day it would happen since I log into my account on the website once in awhile to do things like server transfers / submit tickets / live support.
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Aw sorry, of course I did mean "Chronoscroll" not Krono.
Which is the version that Everquest 2 copied from Tera a while ago... ;)
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My ticket was answered in 1hr when I send it in yesterday. Depending on your title of the ticket I think there system will place you in a priority list.

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I talked with a rep on Tuesday and they told me this would happen. Copied from my post:

i4ybrid on 03/05/2013, 01:41 PM
I just had a chat with a customer rep:
He claimed I wouldn't be billed until 7:00 AM PST on March 7th, as my account says it'll expire on March 7th.
My "Edit My Elite" page says I will be billed on March 6th.
Apparently, if the rep removes my credit card information from the website, it will STILL BILL ME.
Cancelling Elite is the only way to not get re-billed the next cycle.
Cancelling Elite removes you of all your Elite privilidges at the time you cancel, even if you had more time left.

This billing system is terrible. En Masse won't be getting another dime from me for a while. Maybe if I come back and it's better. With the forum posts about people not getting their elites for 4 days, I definitely won't be buying more elite time.
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