OBT and Head Start level caps

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Wasnt there a pic that had all server stats and only like 1.6% of players made it to level cap?

Im lucky I work weekends so I only had thurs and friday to lvl. Now I can hit cap easily and not worry about falling behind muhahahaha.
I will have all week to play without having to miss any work so awesome.
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I'll be honest, as a semi-casual (meaning I play a lot but do have a life outside the game) I am a bit cunfuzzled by the HS cap. In the EU beta I reached 37 in two days and that's with taking care of kids, college and other real life responsibility's. In the NA I played around with several characters and really took my time to go exploring. But if my play time keeps up the way it has been and I focus more on the leveling I can see me (as a semi-casual) hitting the level cap in at least two days give or take for emergency, eating, bathing ect.

My opinion is keep the cap for OBT, Raise the cap from 38 to 45 in HS. However I see what EME is doing it this way though it is confusing because honestly name any other game that followed this way of thinking.