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LupoPazzo on 08/25/2012, 07:33 AM - view
What's that auto attack thing?

they talk about it on the last page. finish a pack of mobs (really it seems finish any mob in the entire dungeon) with your normal attack

if youre reffering to "auto attack" its my fault probably. played too many MMOs :P
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Seyon on 08/25/2012, 11:09 AM - view
LupoPazzo on 08/25/2012, 07:33 AM
What's that auto attack thing?

they talk about it on the last page. finish a pack of mobs (really it seems finish any mob in the entire dungeon) with your normal attack

if youre reffering to "auto attack" its my fault probably. played too many MMOs :P
Oh ic, i was missing that.. helped a lot, nice!
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Anyone know some more of the unique class bonuses in SG?

Examples of the ones I have found so far:

Lancer: Sustain Guardian Shout for its full duration (approx 30 sec) = 1000 points
Warrior: DFA at a "critical moment" and hit the last boss at the same time = 1000? points
Healers: Save a team member @ 10% or less health = 1000 points

I haven't seen any different ones for healers or dps. If anyone else has seen some of the odd bonuses please let me know.

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i've seen a few msgs but i cannot remember what they've said or why they said it, class specific.

i do know, as probably everybody does, in the last room you get, im almost positive, 2500 points for killing those samples
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I'll ilst out the bonus points I know of off the top of my head per stage. I can double check these when the servers are up again.

NOTE: Most of these bonuses will also come with a text shout from your character

All run:
Last hitting any mob with a Regular Attack (Your default left click skill) - Simply Extraordinary! (1000 points per mob)
2 party members jumping at the same time - Jump jump jump high! (10 points per person per jump)
Lancer: Keep up Guardian Shout for the entire duration - Sustained Guardian Shout for the whole battle (1000 points)
Healer: Heal a party member whose health is low that their screen flashes red - Saved dying party member! (1000 points)
Healer: Resurrect a dead member - Resurrect party member! (not sure how many points, likely 1000)
Keep Crystals at higher health through each stage (value varies)

Stage 1:
Finish the stage with > 5 minutes left - Time Bonus (I believe the amount varies)
Breaking the Green Crystals around the outside - (1000 points per crystal)
Killing the Jockeys while they're still inside the wooden cages - *I forget the text shout for this* (Don't remember the point value, likely 1000)

Stage 2:
Kill BAMs by using barrel explosions - (Likely 1000 points, have to double check)
Knock Down a Teralith - (100 points per knockdown)
Keep a Teralith alive for the whole fight (1500 per Teralith)
Finish the stage within certain time limit (unsure of time)

Stage 3:
Destroying Crystals - (Unsure the value, haven't done crystals in a while)
Killing the Ghost Samples - (Unsure the value, haven't done these in a while)
Warrior: Hit Barkud (the boss) with Death From Above when you're in critical condition - Used Death from Above on Barkud at a critical moment! (Unsure of point value)
Defeat Barkud with the help of the Dragon - Master DPS! (Unsure of point value)
Defeat Barkud without the help of the dragon - (Unsure of point value, I believe 50k)

I hope this helps, and I'm also unsure of any other dps specific buffs you can get. Feel free to add to this list anyone!
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killing jockeys while they are inside the cage gives 200 points. stage 2 and stage 1 give a time bonus for >5 minutes remaining... i believe it is 30k bonus

crystals on stage 3 are 1k each. in addition, the mobs around them do give points for killing them with autoattacks. so if you dont think you have the dps to kill the boss in time, you can go around killing the mobs/crystal... each crystal+set of mobs will give 8k points if you do them right.
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Got "Great success in stages 1, 2, and 3!" after killing the final boss tonight. Not entirely sure on the details, seemed liked a solid bonus. Maybe something to do with crystal health? It wasn't a great run though... 50% percent health on stages 1 and 2, and the boss missed the dragon debuff and was up long enough to do a smash attack on the crystal at the end before we killed him so that crystal was at about 3/4.

Anyone know specifics?
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if a crystal has more than 50% u get a bonus... every time it announces something like (crystal is dmged... ect) you lose some of the max bonus.

also, you get more bonus points if the dragon doesnt kill the boss.
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AFAIK, best amount of points is.

Plat 1
-Kill all jockeys ASAP with combo attack for last hit.
-Same for Giant Minions, Knights, Archers, Gulas, Thulsan Elite and Ghilledu.
-More than 5 mins left in clock.
-Kill all 4 crystalls.

This should net you 70k-80k points from this plataform depending on you ability to last hit.

Plat 2

-Kill Hydra, Naga and Fangspawn with Barrels.
-Keep all 3 teraliths alive.
-Kill Giant with more than 5 mins to spare.
-Kill all three crystals.

This should net you roughly 70k-90k from this plat depending heavily on time bonus.

Plat 3

Don't kill anything, Burn the boss down in less than 90 seconds.

This will give you easily 100k.

If you got more to add here, it would be great to know :3
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if you have a warrior in the group ... you can let him get low and have him use dfa whenever it is up... each time is 1500 points
on last boss at least... if it takes you 3minutes to kill him... that is 38750 points. lol
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