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There has been lots of frequent secondary accounts on these forums lately. Whenever I see a troll post, I wasn't surprised to see that there were no post history.
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Akuarine on 09/22/2015, 02:47 AM - view
...also when is maintenance there's NO NOTICE..

for the last 2 years i been playing this game maintenance has been on every tuesday 7AM pst, and if need on thursday same time
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Did you even read? I said maintenance appears as notice on forums but NOT IN GAME as before.
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Akuarine, if no notice went out in the game beginning an hour before maintenance, then this would be the second week in a row that it was programmed to go out but did not. We have tested the messaging system and it has appeared to be functioning properly, but if there was no maintenance messaging again then we know there was a problem.

Could you confirm for me that you were in the game between 6am and 7am PDT today, and the server you were on?
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I wasn't today because of my work but I'm talking about the past maintenance I was online when servers went down on Tuesday and Thursday both maintenance days lol thank you Araya.