Quest Items still can't be Deleted.

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I'm a pretty new player, tooling around Tera about a month now; and have already run into this problem. Its disappointing to find that it is very easy to find threads going back to 2012 - reporting this issue, and nothing has been done. Like so many other players I already have story items that I cannot remove from my inventory because that forces an error; but I have completed the Quest(s) and that did not remove them either.

I have an Idea, Take the Idiot Mittens off your players, and let us delete these items when we have no more use for them. There must be some property in your object the triggers some block of error trap code; please comment out the code. C.
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You talk about "Idiot Mittens", but... if you let people do this, they will actually delete quest items they need, and then be screwed unless they contact support.

For example, there's a certain quest around level ~62-63 that gives you Hagand's Invisibility Potion -- it's a quest item and goes into your inventory, but you don't use it right away. Then, a few quests in the chain later, it asks you to use that item. And there are threads all the time from people who deleted that quest item and need to get it back, and the only way at that point is to contact support and get a new one. You can just do a Google search on the forums to see how many threads were made about it; for a while, it seemed like there was at least a few per week.

So I'm sure it's because of issues like this that they don't allow you to delete some quest items. Of course, it would be better if the related quest would in turn remove the items if you're no longer going to need them...

My preferred solution for this, incidentally, is to let people delete quest items, but have an NPC in the game that sells them, so that if someone loses any important quest items they can go buy a new one.
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Remember kids, if you want a healthy inventory space... finish your quests!
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