Reaper Patch Known Issues

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Please list any in-game issues you have encountered with the Reaper patch.

- Previously learned Wolf mounts are missing from skill book. (need to verify fix, no ETA yet) fixed on 5/15
- Resolve bar is not displayed. (Will be fixed after maintenance next week)
- Molten Tokens and Cyasma Tokens are no longer bankable. (need to verify fix, no ETA yet) fixed on 5/15
- Molten Tokens are soulbound to the first character you log in. fixed on 5/15
- Federation Bills are tradeable. fixed on 5/15

Login System/Account management:

- Item claim is having difficulties due to Account management issues.
- If the launcher is redownloading the Game_-1-50 it means there were files corrupted in your base game after attemping to apply the reaper patch Game_50-52. Please let the launcher do the redownload and patch.
- Other technical issues please see this thread.

Claiming the Free Character Slot Voucher

- Please see this thread.
Edited by: Minea about 4 years ago - Reason: The missing resolve bar issue will be fixed after next week's maintenance.
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Apparently, the resolve bar is gone from my warrior.
Not sure if it's the same for lancers.
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Yes warriors are missing their resolve bar, here's a pic for reference
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Lancer is also missing resolve bar.
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why i can't downloading the patch??
when i log in, i read: "ready to play"..
please help me to download this patch!!
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my Archer's attack rotation is messed up now...i always chained Radiant Arrow into Penetrating Arrow, Final Salvo prompt overrides the Penetrating Arrow prompt making it impossible to chain with spacebar
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How the heck do you miss something as huge as a missing resolve bar during testing /facepalm.
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Molten Tokens no longer bankable supposedly
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you can add

- item claimed system doesn't work