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Hi guys!

I took like five screen shots yesterday and I cannot find them, at all. I searched TERA answers and the forums and everyone said it should be here:


But I don't even have a Games folder in Public. Searching for 'screenshots' in Windows also did not work, it only showed me folders not belonging to TERA.

In fact, I can't even find where TERA was installed, unless its just the launcher and nothing else that saves to the hard drive.

Also, am I suppose to get a message in-game when taking a screenshot? I noticed some saying something about the game telling them it was 'saving' a screenshot, but I did not get that message at all.
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Try to find the folder where TERA is saved, then Client > S1Game > Screenshots.

I just took a few screenshots and can confirm that I saw the notification message in General chat tab go up in light yellow letters, and also that the screenshots are inside the folder.
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Thank you for the response but...

I found where the launcher is saved, if that is what you mean, and the only thing there is, well, TERA and some other games. No other folders. D:

I can try loading the game up real quick to see if I get that message in general chat. There were so many people chatting yesterday that I did not notice (and having the UI off doesn't help, haha).
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How do you take screens?
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Lumidus on 04/20/2012, 05:12 PM - view
How do you take screens?

You take screenshots with the print screen button on your keyboard. Mine says "PRT SCR" on it.

At the OP: An easy way to get to the Tera folder is open your start menu and search all program files for "Tera launcher" and then right click the program with that name and click "Open file location".
Then go to Client/S1game/screenshots.
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I found it! It was in Program Files(x86)/TERA/blahblahblah. I was looking in my regular program files folder. Whoops.

But I have to mention that I was doing what you were saying, Waaldo, before and my Windows search thingy is not bringing up this TERA folder. I only found it because of the in-game chat message telling me exactly where it was saved.

Thanks for the help guys!