Sever merge already in 4 months

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As much as I love Tera, server merge in a game is never good. It mean the game having low population and it is on it way to F2P. Just look at Age of Conan, Warhammer, DCU, etc. While server merge is necessary to keep the population high and may seam positive, but I feel it just a temporarily remedy. Population will still drop if Enmasse don't do something and get more people to play the game, such more more marketing and advertisement, listen to their customers to what they want, more contents, events, etc.

I'm having a really hard time convincing my friends to stay for Tera. Everyday, it grind the same Instance over and over again to get the Gears, and frustration with the broken enchantment. I did this for BoT and FoK, now doing it again with 1 new Instance. After that, T15 come out and it grind for Instance again. Nexus is a mess right now. Traverse is luck of the draw and should not even existed. People don't even do Instance or Battleground anymore. It just wait for Traverse and get a superior T14 Gears. Another one of Tera RNG game. I saw someone who don't do any work or step foot inside an instance, wearing T11 and get a T14 Nexus Gear in Traverse. If they don't get it, they just log on when Nexus Traverse appear and get it.

I'm sorry but I think that is BS and why even have Instances and content in the 1st place. I wish I Cancel my subscription before it auto re-new me for 3 more months. I barely log on to Tera anymore.
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We will keep on working to improve TERA and we have specific plans to invite more folks to try TERA, and it will give us the ability to hold events that are more interactive than we've ever done before!

(Let's keep the merge-related discussions in the designated thread on top so that it is easier for us and everyone else to keep track of all the feedback we are getting. Thank you.)