Someone messed up a Tera wallpaper but it is still in use!

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Here's a screenshot:
If it wasn't just scribbles then what could it be?

If you don't believe me, just wait until this pops up on one of your loading screens and see for yourself! :D
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Some images are TERA concept arts, so they might not be 100% accurate or complete.

And many loading screens were from a "Winter-Themed" fan art contest, and since it's still winter, they'll be around for a bit longer :)
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Actually, you can see a lot more of interesting things on this ^ wallpaper.
I think, it's just made this way.
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I think it's just unfinished concept art. There is another rock that looks blurred and scribbled too. I think it's a cool WIP though.
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Yeah it's just concept art.
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it just looks weird how some of the elements look like they have their textures and whatnot straight out of the game, then there are all these random MS Paint scribbles.

I like the picture but yeah some of it definitely looks unfinished or something. My eye gets drawn straight to that "rock" in the corner every time, and it is all I look at. Shame, because it is a pretty picture.