TERA Shop and Permanent Costumes.

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So, I started playing Tera like a week ago and I'm currently on my LvL 25 Priest Elin.
After some hours of playing, I checked the Shop and saw some sweet costumes and mounts I would like to buy later on, when I'm LvL 50 at least.
I checked on EMP and I also saw that for the Elin, is avaible the Bewitching costume, which is marked as "EVENT" costume and will be removed after the 5th of November.

So, my question is if these costumes will be avaible even after Halloween:

Clockwork Elin Costume (Also known as Steampunk costume)
Maid Elin Set.
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Steampunk costumes and maid uniforms will remain the store. Only the Halloween items are going to be removed after the Halloween event ends.
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There are also dyeable maid outfits coming out (or already did?) In the Korean version of the game. So you might want to hold off on the maid ones till those are released here
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Don't forget the Night dress and tuxedos, the marine girl uniforms that we still don't have but we should even tho i wont buy them since they are ugly and the Santa costumes that were supposed to be available the last year Christmas and we didn't got due to unknown and not explained reasons but hopefully we get them this year.