User Authentication Failed

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So, since I have posted and asked Eme about this EVERYWHERE I could possibly think off (Twitter, support ticket, email, forum thread on support forums) and I can't get a reply, I came to the general discussion.

I try to to log in the launcher, me and my husband, and we simply get a "User Authentication Failed" message. We have tried wrong password, and there is a specific message for wrong password, so that's not our problem.

We were able to login when the servers went up, got disconnected, now we have this error ever since. We weren't able to online for full five minutes.
Since we can use the same login/pass on forums, I am not sure what this message is about - and when Minea finally posted in my thread, it was about the email delay on the account shield thing.

FINE, but it's not my issue. Can I have a little help with my issue? There is no phone to call and the lack of any kind of reply is killing me.

Thank you and sorry for my broken English.
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Yes I too have sent questions to absolutly everything...I just did all the patches took a whole day (two sleeps) and this user authentication comes up. My IP is from Canada, is being in Canada the problem? I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME IT LOOKS GREAT...I am only replying in this so I can get questions answered too......I hope it's resolved soon